Horizon 2020

  • Fish bump into barriers almost every kilometre

  • The Report on the Assessment of the Performance of the First Finalised Phase II Projects measured the performance of 70 companies that have finished their SME Instrument project.

    More jobs, more investments, more growth

  • ProActina, the small company behind the technology is a highly innovative small business that develops innovative products and technologies in the area of life-sciences. The outcome of their project GLIOMARK will be GlioTect – a diagnostic kit containing handling and diagnostic instructions and the substances required to perform the diagnosis (a substance called tetrofosmin). End users are hospitals that use the kit to reliably diagnose or exclude gliomas without the need for expensive equipment.

  • Examples of the projects selected include solar street lights, a software that uses augmented reality to help industrial plants monitor their production chain, a diagnosis tool for sleep apnoea, an innovative mobile payment technology, a custom-made paint vending machine and a wrapping machine for sustainable packaging.

  • With a track record of almost four decades and being fully consolidated as the foremost Aerospace, Defence and Security business platform of Latin America, FIDAE will. In nearly four decades FIDAE has become the most important business platform of the region. This year FIDAE will celebrate its twentieth edition in 2018 and showcase more than 550 exhibiting companies.

  • This event will boost the discussion from different perspectives (consumers, business and administration) to analyse the social acceptance of innovations applied during the project, the barriers to embrace new plastic packaging and regulation to foster the market uptake of bio-based products. Packaging value chain stakeholders cooperation will provide feedback from the situation in the territories and sectors they represent, the legislative framework, the market for the products developed during the project and the funding measures for pushing this initiative.

  • Developing user-oriented climate services became a key research and innovation priority of the European Commission and is supported through a number of funding initiatives. The way towards the development of a market for climate services has been pinpointed in the European research and innovation roadmap for climate services.

  • All in all, a budget of about € 335 million is available in 2018 for the Societal Challenge "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials" of Horizon 2020.

    Next steps

    In March and April, independent expert panels will evaluate the proposals selecting the best ones for funding. The Commission will then inform all applicants – within five months of the call deadline – whether or not their proposal has been successful.

  • The SCREEN project, which brings together 17 regions in a Horizon 2020 funded coordination and support action, aims at developing a systemic replicable approach for funding synergies for eco-innovative solutions in Europe.

    The main goal of the workshop was to bring stakeholders from the public and private sectors together in order to discuss barriers and shortcuts to kick-starting the circular economy in European regions.