Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020

PERMIDES showcases great results at its Final Conference

With partners in pharmaceutical and medical sectors on the one hand and IT solution providers on the other, PERMIDES has granted around 3 million Euro for digital innovations and development of prototypes in the framework of innovation.

Fourteen of the best of such projects presented their results at Utrecht, with close to 100 attendees from all over Europe sharing their insights and experiences and networking with potential partners. 

Empowering personalised medicine through digital solutions – this was the motto of the Final Conference of PERMIDES, an EU funded project supporting 50 innovative solutions with strong digital elements.

€60k for automotive and mobility startups

IMPACT Connected Car, a disruptive mobility acceleration programme, just launched their second and final call for startups innovating in mobility and automotive sectors. The programme looks to recruit startups and SMEs that can deliver ground-breaking solutions in areas such as wireless chargers, anti-hacker security, smart driving and 0% emission transport, to name a few.

Would you like to receive €60,000 equity-free funding, mentoring and support for your innovative mobility or automotive idea? Here is your chance!

EU-funded Arctic research projects: building synergies to boost impact

When ice melts, polar bears retire on land, waiting for new ice to form and relying on their fat reserves to survive.  Polar bears are emblematic for a huge change that is going on. Climate change in the Arctic is three times faster than in other regions. It has a huge impact not only on the polar bears, but also on the Arctic environment, its people and on the rest of the globe, since “what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there”. 

Loss of Arctic sea ice due to climate change is the most serious threat to polar bears throughout their circumpolar range. The largest land carnivores on Earth cannot hunt without ice platforms in the sea. 


Horizon 2020 projects featured at Water for Africa session at EBC-VII & ISEB-2018 conference

Seven Horizon 2020 projects:

Sustainable water supply and sanitation is key to the food security, health, survival, societal well-being and economic growth in developing countries, and especially in Africa.

into.care® raises € 1.5M in investment round

Within an aging society, the healthcare sector struggles with an ever-increasing workflow, time-consuming paperwork and lack of data that prevents health professionals to provide the best service possible.

SME Instrument funded digital healthcare solutions company into.care® (by Pridiktiv NV) received €1.5M in funding. This investment round was led by KBC Start it Fund and LRM who awarded the project with € 800.000, the other funds are derived from Founders and Industry Experts.

Nature-based solutions are helping to address urban challenges

Those EU-funded projects demonstrate how nature-based solution (NBS) can contribute to address urban challenges such as climate change and water management. They provide multiple benefits to citizens by promoting the sustainable use of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, ensuring healthy lives, increasing social cohesion and creating new business and economic opportunities:  


Did you know that currently over 70% of Europe's population live in cities, and this is expected to increase to over 80% by the middle of the century? This translates to 36 million new urban citizens, who will need cities that are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

22 new circular economy, nature-based solutions, raw material and cultural heritage projects to share €218 million of EU funding

The European Commission has selected 22 projects that will receive around €218 million under Horizon 2020's Societal Challenge "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials".

15 energising SME Instrument companies selected to present business ideas to Iberdrola

The event is an initiative of the SME Instrument Business Acceleration Services together with the Iberdrola - PERSEO International Startup program, which includes a 70 million euros Venture Capital fund, and is aimed at promoting the creation and development of a global and dynamic ecosystem of emerging companies and entrepreneurs in the energy sector.

On 9 May, a curated selection of SME Instrument companies will present their business solutions and network with Iberdrola top managers in Bilbao, Spain. The companies were hand-picked for their challenging ideas and approaches to renewable energies, smart networks and electric mobility.

Barrier tracker - new app to improve connectivity of rivers

Fish bump into barriers almost every kilometre

A new study, led by Swansea University, reveals that the density of barriers in European rivers is much higher than indicated by available databases – up to one barrier in every kilometre of river. Information about the location and density of smaller barriers is often unknown, but these smaller barriers present the biggest problem for the health of Europe’s streams and rivers. Now, for the first time, scientists are inviting citizens to help in updating information about these barriers with a newly-developed smartphone app.

Accelerating success: 60% of funded innovations reached commercial success thanks to SME Instrument, says independent report

The Report on the Assessment of the Performance of the First Finalised Phase II Projects measured the performance of 70 companies that have finished their SME Instrument project.

More jobs, more investments, more growth

Almost two out of three companies funded by the SME Instrument have put their innovation out on the market and met commercial successes thanks to the grant. The SME Instrument has acted like an accelerator that has helped the funded companies to bridge the so-called “Valley of Death”. The independent report concludes that the SME Instrument delivers growth and market creation with large spill-over effects on society – all thanks to its flexible grant scheme, its exclusive acceleration support and its unique design that offers small grants to unicorns at an early stage of development.


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