Horizon 2020; SME Instrument; Environment

Horizon 2020; SME Instrument; Environment

Pulverizadores Fede builds new factory for sustainable sprayer’s for crops

Pulverizador Fede H30

Pulverizadores Fede is a technology leader in the production of agricultural crop sprayers and specialist technology for vertical crops found, for example, in orchards, vineyards and olive plantations. The sprayers are remote-controlled through an Android tablet (smart phone) and fitted with ultrasound sensors that can scan crop dimensions.

25% less pesticides released in the environment and 38.5% of fuel savings -  with it's new crop sprayer, Pulverizadores Fede is contributing to a greener agriculture in Europe. The company received an SME Instrument grant in 2015 and has now finished building a production facility for its sprayers.  

Paptic is fantastic! A new sustainable material that challenges plastic

Paptic makes a renewable and recyclable packaging material made of wood fiber

Paptic is made of sustainable wood fibre, and is suitable for uses where plastic films have previously been the only alternative. For the moment the material is made of more than 70% renewable materials and is 80% recyclable, but eventually both figures will reach 100%. 

The plastic bags we use for only a few minutes can last for as long as 15 to 1,000 years in the environment, suffocating our oceans and causing remarkable damage to our environment. About 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year, with 89% of them only oncePAPTIC® is a next generation packaging material offers an unseen combination of the qualities of both paper and plastics. Paptic has all the advantages of plastic - it's versatile, reusable, light-weight, soft - but it's made from renewable raw materials and is recyclable!

Microalgae is set to boost your mental and physical fitness

Microphyt produces microalgae-based ingredients that boost mental and physical fitness

A marine carotenoid found in microalgae has been scientifically proven to help weight management. Until now the only source of this cartenoid has been brown seaweed that contains micropollutants and is not environmentally sustainable. But Microphyt has found a way to produce high quantities of it from other sources. This ingredient can then be used in food supplements or nutraceutical applications by the company's clients, mostly pharmaceutical laboratories.

Meet the SME Instrument Innovators: Microphyt

French company Microphyt is developing a "super ingredient" based on microalgae that could actively improve weight management and people's cognitive functions, like memory, attention and reasoning.

Paint that purifies air

Airlite's paints purify air with a technology based on the photocatalytic oxidation effect of Titanium dioxide (TiO2). To produce this effect, the paints use just the energy of light, and not even much of it, without making noise and without needing maintenance.

The paints are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – chemicals that can be dangerous for human health and the environment. Airlite's paints reduce pollutants by 88.8% and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the treated surfaces. This has a repelling effect also on mould, spores, dirt and unpleasant smells.

It may come as a surprise that the air on an urban road with average traffic may actually be cleaner than the air in our living rooms. Studies indicate that some harmful air pollutants can exist in higher concentrations in indoor spaces than outdoors. Airlite brings a breath of fresh air into our houses with a paint that purifies indoor air using only sunlight. 

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