SpaceTech4Sea: Implementing Aerospace Technology on Marine LNG Applications Promoting Sustainable Blue Economy

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Project abstract

SpaceTech4Sea will demonstrate, validate and commercialise an innovative ultralight LNG fuel tank in the maritime sector, by utilising cutting-edge aerospace technologies and novel shipbuilding techniques.

The objective of the project is to boost Blue Economy by removing the obstacles in the implementation of the LNG as marine fuel in EU water basins through the commercialising of an innovative game changer LNG fuel tank and side systems (all-composite flanges and bosses) which dissolves the negative of effects of the current technological solutions in vessels design and operation.

Aerospace technology has a significant time lead compared to other industrial sectors. Re-inventing the wheel is an efficient approach and this proposal aims at importing proven ultrahigh level USA Aerospace technology to Europe and to the maritime sector. This technology already adopted by NASA, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Space Missile Center (LA Air Force Base) needs to be fine-tuned and certified for marine applications.

The proposed innovation weighs 85.82 % less compared with the average LNG tank of the same net volume. More specifically an all – composite technology of ultralight seamless carbon fiber boss integration tank can be used widely and cost efficiently in global maritime sector for LNG as marine fuel applications.

The existing technology of LNG, as it is extremely heavy, laying a significant loss of payload and transportation capacity. Based on that, existing solutions do not constitute an attractive option for a ship-owner who is examining the LNG as fuel alternative. Therefore, there is a clear need for a product that will boost the use of LNG as a marine fuel in the European & Global Waters and will wipe out the fact that the existing technology is penalising the use of LNG. The innovation will be a game changer in the blue economy as it enables matching the needs of the maritime industry for efficient solutions towards the compliance with the new emissions regulations.

The project will undertake the following activities so as to develop a TRL9 product which will be available to improve the environment in the sea basins of Europe and globally:

  • Modifications from Aerospace to Marine environment.
  • Marine type Class Approval of Product.
  • Know-how transfer and Fabrication Techniques for Full-scale Production in Greece.
  • Demonstration of real-life operations.
  • Market Consultation and Business Development.

The project implementation is targeting to the Global and European Waters as OceanFinance has a licence agreement in principle to trade the proposed technology globally. Focusing on sustainability we foresee easiness of LNG adaptation in marine systems with obvious, environmental, financial and societal benefits and generation of growth at EU level by transferring the know-how and setting the construction in Greece.

Project duration
01/01/2019- 31/12/2021
Project acronym
Call ID
EASME/EMFF/2017/ - Sustainable Blue Economy
Ocean Finance Ltd, OF (Greece)
Scorpius Space Launch Company, SSLC (USA)
American Bureau of Shipping Hellenic Single Member Limited Liability Com, ABS (Greece)
EU contribution
1.065.706,00 EUR

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