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Zip up your tyres

Technium believes in the simple, but smart solutions which adds value to peoples' life and to the society. The first creation arising from this vision is reTyre, a product series based on the concept where zippers are used to change the surface of the bike tyres and thereby their functionality and design.

reTyre Urban Winter
The first reTyre product is a spiked winter surface which is easy to add to and remove from your regular summer tyre. By providing a solution which is user friendly, flexible and affordable, the team hopes to enable more cyclists to use their bike all year around. Today, as much as 80% of cyclists stop riding in the winter due to safety concerns and lack of good solutions to mitigate the risk of riding on snow and ice.

The story
Paul, the CEO and founder of Technium, has always had an entrepreneurial vision. As he was studying at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, he realized that very few bicycles were parked outside the lecture halls in the winter compared to the rest of the year. Taking a closer look, he also found that many of the bikes in the winter actually had regular summer tires on, despite the fact that it was icy, slippery and almost impossible to walk around safely. Together with the other Technium founder and CTO Sigmund, they started to develop conceptual ideas on how to make it easier to chose bicycles over other transportation modes also during winter. A company was founded, recruitment started and a consulting service established to ensure revenue to the company. In December 2015 the concept of using zippers was found for the first time, and since then a lot has happened as a rapid pace. reTyre is currently patent pending, funding from various grants has been received, the product in currently being manufactured and the preparation for launching the product and developing new ones is ongoing. The future should be healthier, have cities with less pollution, a good climate and ergo more cyclists. The future needs reTyre!



Zip up your tyres
Zip up your tyres


Grants and Funding: 
  • Second place in Angel Challenge program in Oslo, May 2016

  • First place in Venture Cup business model competition, October 2015 


/easme/en/files/retyre-urban-winter-instruction-videoreTyre Urban Winter Instruction video

Phase 1 (2016-2017)
Cut-off date: 
February, 2016