After submitting your application

Have you been selected? Congratulations! But what will happen next? Here you can find useful information...


When will I get the results


Results for Phase 1 will be available at the latest after 2 months and for Phase 2 at the latest after 4 months. The evaluation time is influenced by the number of applications and the availability of expert-evaluators for the cut-off.


Both EASME and the expert-evaluators work intensively behind the scenes to make the outcome of evaluation available to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please be patient, all applicants are notified of the outcome via a letter and their Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) in the Participant Portal.

What happens if my project is selected… when do I get the funding?

Successful applicants are invited to prepare and sign a grant agreement with the European Commission. After the signature, the pre-financing payment will be transferred.

The pre-financing amount is about 40 % of the total requested funding. In special cases, it can be belated.

We know that time is money and that's why we aim to do things as fast as possible.

To sign the grant agreement it takes on average 27 days for Phase 1 projects and 96 days for phase 2 projects, from the moment results are issued to the signature of the grant. However, the fastest contracts were signed in only 22 days for Phase 1 and 45 days for Phase 2.

Is it possible to speed up the process?

After each cut-off, we review the process in order to keep up improving the efficiency and quality of the system. What we have found so far is that project specific requirements can take a lot of time to evaluate (for example the areas of Health and Security).

For SMEs new to EU funding, the validation of the legal entity, the legal representative and the bank account also lengthens the process. In order to smoothen the process applicants can take the following steps:

Check your calendar and plan to be available during the grant preparation period. Make sure you are reachable on the phone numbers and e-mails provided and respond quickly when contacted.

Think about the roles for the project follow-up within your organisation: who will be the appointed representative for your legal entity, and who will be project legal signatory.

If you are new to EU funding: the process is electronic and the contract is signed via the Participant Portal. Before the electronic signature of the contract, you will be invited to provide paper evidence for the validation of the company: legal entity for the appointment of the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR), financial identification forms to register the bank account, and to complete the SME web-based questionnaire in the Beneficiary Register on the portal. This needs to be done only once for each company. It will launch the chain of trust of the electronic process.

Read carefully the Guide for Grant Agreement Preparation (15 pages).


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