2019 Call for proposals for preparatory projects (third round)


Taking into account the exceptional circumstances, for the call for proposals for preparatory projects – third round , the applicants have the possibility to submit a proposal either in written form by post – as specified in the application guide - or in electronic form by e-mail, sending all the documents to the following address: ENV-LIFE-PREPARATORY-PROJECTS@ec.europa.eu

Please note that applications must arrive on 20th April 2020 no later than 17:00h. Brussels local time.


Calls for proposals for action grants to finance "preparatory projects" under the LIFE sub-programmes for environment

Please follow the instructions in the application package. For general information on who can apply and how to apply, please see the respective sections.

Timeline for submission

  • 6 September 2019

    Publication of the call for proposals

  • 4 November 2019

    First deadline

  • 11 January 2020

    Second deadline

  • 20 April 2020

    Third deadline

Timeline evaluation and revision of proposals

  • December 2019

    First deadline

  • February 2020

    Second deadline

  • May 2020

    Third deadline

Timeline signature of grant agreements

  • January/February 2020

    First deadline

  • March/Avril 2020

    Second deadline

  • July/September 2020

    Third deadline

Application package

LIFE 2019 call for proposals for preparatory projects application package- III round [.zip]

A Q&A session on this call will be held on the 19 September at 16h00 in DG ENV premises at the end of the training session for the LIFE NCP.

Attendance is by registration, please send a request.


Download the 2019 grant agreement .

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