Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency aims at changing consumer behaviour with respect to the uptake of sustainable energy solutions including:

Playing an active role by producing energy for their consumption, where possible

  • Addressing non-technological barriers
  • Supporting research actions to better understand consumer’s decision making and to quantify the positive impacts of energy efficiency
  • Demonstrating that ICT-based solutions can contribute to saving energy by supporting behavioural change in energy end-users
  • Engaging with public authorities and increasing their capacity to develop and implement ambitious sustainable energy policies and plans

Funding opportunities: consumer & services


We are looking for experts

Are you working with consumer engagement, behavioural change, and sustainable energy?

We are looking for experienced professionals in this area to evaluate and recommend proposals for funding under the H2020 Energy Efficency Call for Proposals:


Latest reports

From testing our televisions’ energy performance to developing a smartphone app guiding consumers in the purchase of energy efficient products; the report “People have the Power” showcases 41 projects making a difference to consumers.


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