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  • 23/09/2019

    The European Commission at Ecomondo 2019: EU Programmes for your circular ideas.

    Once again the European Commission will take part in Ecomondo, the annual trade fair for the green and circular economy. The expo will take place in Rimini, Italy from 5 to 8 November 2019. It will bring together all sectors of the circular economy, from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.
  • Forest stand analysis

    Putting climate change data in the hands of forest managers

    Forest owners and forestry managers in the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park are testing a new mobile application which will help foresters plan forest management based on future climate changes. Once released, the “FORECCAsT by BioClimSol” app from LIFE FORECCAsT will be available for any forest managers and trained private forest owners who want to adapt their forest to climate change.
  • 25% more proposals new climate projects

    Applicants seek more than €280 million support from LIFE for new climate action projects

    The European Commission has received 166 new proposals in reply to the 2019 call for climate action projects under the EU’s LIFE programme. The number of proposals is up 25% compared to last year and reflects the growing efforts across the EU and beyond to tackle climate change.
  • Rewilding on farmland LIFE13 NAT/NL/000162

    Nature restoration scales up at national park site Oude Willem

    Intensive farming is a major driver of biodiversity loss, and Europe is no exception to this trend. But as demonstrated by a series of LIFE projects, it is possible to restore intensively farmed land and support the recovery of natural habitats and species.
  • 12/09/2019

    Voices from Bergamo – student mobility and the U-MOB LIFE project

    A student from the University of Bergamo talks about her hopes for safer, greener transport, and her support for the project U-MOB LIFE.
  • Image 1: Bald ibis in flight © 2019 LIFE Reason for Hope. All rights reserved. Licenced to the European Union under conditions

    On the wing with the Northern Bald Ibis

    A unique LIFE project to reintroduce the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis in Europe has piloted its most successful migration flight over the Alps. It led 29 birds as part of a programme to pass on lost knowledge which the birds need to arrive at their wintering grounds.
  • LIFE Tackle at the National Arena in Bucharest © 2019 LIFE17 GIE/IT/000611. All rights reserved. Licensed to European Union under conditions

    Tackling football’s environmental impact – and a look towards Euro 2020

    As the new football season kicks off around Europe, one LIFE project is looking to a new goal: to make football matches and stadiums more environmentally friendly and environmentally aware.
  • Vineyard (Pixabay)

    Innovating EU vineyards to protect our soil

    The EU is the world’s leading producer of wine. Like all agriculture sectors, wine producers need to find ways to better protect soil, improve water use and cut emissions. LIFE in the wine regions is helping by funding climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.
  • Great Capricorn beetle on an oak tree © 2019 LIFE15 NAT/SE/000772. All rights reserved. Licensed to the European Union under conditions

    Bringing back the great Capricorn beetle to Sweden’s old oak trees

    The great Capricorn beetle is extinct on the Swedish mainland, but is considered a key species. It creates habitats for other species, supports natural decay of old trees, and offers an important food source for other animals. LIFE is reintroducing the beetle as part of a project to improve the conservation status of degraded wooded pastures and meadow habitats.
  • 14/08/2019

    Getting compressed natural gas car engines closer to market

    To achieve lower toxic emissions and CO2, the car industry is turning to alternative sources to replace traditional diesel and gasoline engines. 

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