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  • 06/07/2020

    Peel appeal: a new life for citrus fruit waste

    Being Europe’s top citrus fruit producer is something Spain should be proud of. But there are downsides. Citrus fruit waste is notoriously high while the packaging required for fruit juices means Spain consumes way too much plastic. A LIFE project has found a solution to curb both problems.
  • 01/07/2020

    Marine life under threat: how six LIFE projects are coming to the rescue

    Oceans are the world’s largest ecosystem. But they are being polluted and damaged at an alarming rate and this is having a devastating impact on marine life. Several LIFE projects are working hard to reverse this worrying trend.
  • 25/06/2020

    How rewilding could help restore Europe’s biodiversity

    Worldwide the number of wild species has fallen by 60% in just 40 years. And one million are at risk of extinction.
  • 18/06/2020

    Could energy-efficient buildings help solve the climate crisis?

    Buildings are the backdrop to our lives. After all, we spend most of our time in them. But buildings account for 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of its greenhouse gas emissions. A Finnish LIFE project wants to reverse this trend.
  • 15/06/2020

    Helping EU countries meet their climate targets

    Covid-19 has understandably been on our minds for the last months. A LIFE project reminds us why we must not forget the climate crisis despite the pandemic.
  • 08/06/2020

    LIFE projects protect oceans and seas across the globe

    World Oceans Day, held each year on 8 June, encourages all of us to celebrate the oceans. It also highlights how important oceans are in everyday life.
  • How to write a winning life proposal

    How to write a winning LIFE proposal: in-house insights

    This week, Angelo Salsi, head of the LIFE unit at EASME, offers his expert views on how to write a winning LIFE project concept note. Angelo also updates us on additional measures to ease the application process in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 02/06/2020

    2020 LIFE Awards finalists announced

    The European Commission has selected the 15 finalists for this year’s LIFE Awards that will take place in the autumn. The Awards, now in their 14th year, recognise the most innovative, inspirational and effective LIFE projects in three categories: climate action, environment and nature protection.

    LIFE eco-friendly tiles for safer hospitals, less waste and new jobs

    LIFE+ DIGITALIFE brings eco-friendly ceramic tiles to market while helping create jobs and supporting the EU’s recently adopted Circular Economy Action Plan.
  • 19/05/2020

    10 reasons why biodiversity is vital for life

    Ecosystems provide essential services such as food, fresh water and clean air, and shelter. They mitigate natural disasters, pests and diseases, while helping regulate the climate. But our ecosystems are being damaged, and biodiversity lost due to human activities.

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