What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

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Digitalisation, environment, equality… The European Union is facing new challenges that require citizens with a new outlook. How to act upon these opportunities? The European Commission has developed “EntreComp”, the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. It aims to shape an entrepreneurial mindset by identifying its components and creating conversations across different sectors. Discover its two newly funded projects!

EntreComp identifies 15 competences (such as working with others, using creativity or mobilising resources) that describe what it takes to be entrepreneurial and outlines how these competences can de described and mapped from the most basic up to advanced levels.

Since its launch, this initiative has played a key role in creating conversations and understanding of what being an entrepreneur means. 

EntreComp aims to serve across sectors, disciplines and systems to enable people to develop entrepreneurial competences as individuals, as well as groups.

This framework can be used to support policy shaping and start-ups, to train educators, to design programmes and learning opportunities and to recognise and certify skills.

New COSME actions

Two new actions have just been funded under this framework! These initiatives will translate it into concrete activities and will build and test a model that could be replicated in any other EU country.

EntreComp Food aims to build a European Collaborative Communities of practice (CoCos) to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship among students and young entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector. 

EntreComp Europe will focus on increasing the quality and uptake of entrepreneurship as a key competence across Europe, in particular on youth work and formal education. 

The projects have received €1 million in funding and will implement their activities over the next three years. Belgium, Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, Moldova and Turkey are taking part.

Do you want to know more about COSME actions? Then check out our data hub and get insightful information, figures, participant countries, budget and much more! 

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