Solvatten's CEO Petra Wadström nominated for EU Women's Innovator Prize

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Solvatten brings hot and clean water to off the grid homes

Millions women and children in the world need to walk dozens of kilometres every day to fetch water. SOLVATTEN is an innovative portable device that gives access to clean, hot water in homes that are off the grid. At the head of the company is Petra Wadström, who has recently been nominated as a finalist for the EU Prize for Women Innovators.  

SOLVATTEN basically looks like a jerrycan but in reality it's so much more. is an innovative portable device that gives access to clean, hot water in homes that are off the grid. SOLVATTEN is made of durable plastic materials and requires no batteries, chemicals or spare parts. Thanks to its durable design it's the cheapest method to treat and heat water in rigorous conditions. SOLVATTEN  is also portable which means that those forced to travel long distances to obtain water are able to do so with more ease and comfort. The unit has an average lifespan of 7-10 years, so it withstands those early years when children are most susceptible to waterborne diseases.With 120,000 units distributed worldwide, SOLVATTEN is saving lives on a daily basis.

SOLVATTEN means "sunwater" in swedish. The company SOLVATTEN AB was established in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. Through such partnerships, SOLVATTEN has been brought to thousands of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

In 2010, SOLVATTEN Africa Ltd. was established in Nairobi, Kenya. SOLVATTEN Foundation was launched in 2013 to meet a growing public interest in donating directly to SOLVATTEN’s safe, warm water projects that are active all over the world. The projects supported by the foundation focus on improving health and living standards, especially for women and children.

SOLVATTEN received an SME Instrument Phase1 grant in June 2015 to draft a business plan to enter into the Eastern African market with green technology, with Kenyan and Ethiopian markets as pilot markets, with the agri-business sector targeted as initial distribution channel and customer segment. In 2013 President Barack Obama’s visited to the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm where Petra Wadström was given the opportunity to present the device and explain how it is used around the world to improve health, empower women and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Solvatten has also won numerous other prizes:

Momentum for Change Winner 2015

Technician of the year 2015

Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Winner Swedish Woman of the Year 2015

Winner of The Polhem Prize 2013

Energy Globe Awards 2013

Nordiska Rådets Miljöpris 2013

​The Solar Flare Award 2012

The Soroptimists 2012 Women's prize

The International Green Award 2012

The Änglamark Prize 2011

WWF Climate Solver 2009

King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 50-year fund

The Swedish SKAPA Prize 2008

Keep an eye on our website for more news about the EU Prize for Woman innovators and meanwhile read more about SOLVATTEN or watch their video.

Solvatten in Kibera, Kenya

Video Description
SOLVATTEN® is a combined solar water purifier/heater. It produces safe and hot water by using solar energy. Expose Solvatten for 2-6 hours of sunshine to purify water from all micro biological contaminations. An indicator turns green when the water is safe to drink. The design of the unit and the weight of 11 liters of water makes it is easy to carry. No batteries, chemicals or spare parts required. Solvatten is made of durable FDA approved materials and has a lifespan of 7-10 years or more. Solvatten is a transformative solution for households and can be used where large infrastructure investments is not possible.
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