SME Instrument Innovators Summit kicks off in a week

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On 10-11 October 2016 the SME Instrument invites the CEOs of more than 400 SMEs with high innovation potential to Brussels for the first ever SME Instrument Innovators' Summit.

The Summit will give the SMEs the opportunity to meet peers, learn to pitch and try their ideas in front of a panel of investors, while participatory workshops and matchmaking will open the door to exchanging experiences and finding new partnerships.  

There will be two key note speeches by Damien Morin (CEO SAVE, France) on how to scale up team culture in a fast growing business and Katja Bergmann (MOOR, Sweden) on the do's and don'ts of dealing with investors. In addition 20 companies will exhibit their innovative projects.

Have a look at the programme and exhibitors list. The event is on invitation only. 

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  • Steve Bradley | Wed, 05/10/2016 - 14:48
    wider feedback plans re SME Instrument Innovators Summit..

    It sounds an interesting and constructive event, that could generate some valuable feedback that other SMEs would find useful in steering their plans for involvement in the future. Are there any plans to produce and disseminate the key points raised and lessons learned to a wider audience following the event?

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