SME Instrument innovators present their business ideas to Procter & Gamble and partners in Brussels

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On 13 and 14 June, a selected number of European Innovation Council (EIC) SME Instrument companies will have the opportunity to present their business ideas and network with leading global corporates in the InQbet Accelerator, in Brussels.

A total of 96 SME Instrument companies, ranging from the food industry, to manufacturing, logistics and packaging, healthcare, IT and chemistry, have been invited to showcase their innovations to corporate representatives from P&G, AB InBev, DEME, GSK, Nokia, Puratos and Solvay. The two-day networking initiative will take place at the P&G Brussels Innovation Center, home of the InQbet Accelerator, and is aimed at creating opportunities for SMEs to scale-up their business by facilitating access to larger corporate distribution, financing and marketing channels.


From “Research and Development” to “Connect and Develop”

Leading global companies like P&G, have been promoting Open Innovation strategies to utilize the ideas and strength of the people and smaller companies outside their organization to make improvements in the internal processes or products. The central idea being that in a world surrounded by information, companies are no longer willing to depend on their internal R&D efforts or “closed innovation”, if they want to stay ahead of their competitors.

“InQbet is our powerhouse accelerator to connect more strongly and effectively with startups and SMEs.  Innovation is all about providing extra consumer value by combining insights with technical expertise, and startups and SMEs have insights, expertise and technologies which can really help us delight consumers and improve their lives; we’re very excited to be hosting this event,” says David Ingram, R&D site leader of the P&G Brussels Innovation Center.

In fact, it’s now widely recognized by big corporates that important innovation is being done at small and midsize companies and that these external connections can result in the development of new and highly profitable products and services.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has been actively supporting synergistic public-private value creation through a series of curated events bringing together top SME Instrument funded companies with leading corporates across Europe.

Meet all the companies selected to present their business cases at P&G, take a look at the event brochure.

If you are an SME Instrument-funded company and would like to know more about our upcoming corporate events, take a look at our calendar and subscribe to our newsletter.


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