Second Canvas by Madpixel: Appreciating art in the digital era

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When visiting a museum or an art gallery, have you ever felt you needed to have more information about a certain work of art? The small captions aren't enough; you lack the context and references to fully understand it. SME Instrument-funded Madpixel has created a technology flanked by a mobile app to help you improve your visitor experience.

Second Canvas is Madpixel's app that allows visitors to have an all-new and augmented experience of consuming culture by using enriched interactive content (X-ray, IR, UV, super-zoom, story-telling). You will be able to interpret and understand the paintings whilst interacting with them – also, expect to discover hidden details you didn't know about.

Moreover, the platform lets you crop and share details of artwork via social media and it can also be used to explore paintings from home or inside a classroom. Prado or Thyssen, in Spain; Mauritshuis, in the Netherlands; or SMK, in Denmark, are some of the museums you can find on Second Canvas. By 2022, the Spanish company expects to have 1,750 museums registered and more than 165,000 art-woks digitalised. 

Founded in 1999 and based in Madrid, Madpixel is the world leader in gigapixel digitization and has also launched Madgazine, a cloud platform to create interactive magazines for web, tablets and smartphones. The company received an EIC SME Instrument Phase 2 grant in 2017 to bring its technology to another level and deploy the software to many more museums. What’s more, Madpixel expects to create 40 new jobs to carry out the project!


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