Music festivals and clubs beat to the rhythm of Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency at music festivals and clubs

Our project EE MUSIC has changed the way music festivals and clubs approach energy efficiency and renewable energy through energy workshops, energy calculators, ambassadors, energy audits and collaborations with, for instance, the Eurovision Song Contest.

Over the last few years EU-funded project EE MUSIC organised workshops all over Europe to inform music professionals about the Industry Green (IG) tools i.e. a free calculator measuring the energy efficiency of a festival, club or venue; and comparing the energy data over time and within the music sector.  A European network of EE MUSIC Ambassadors ensures the promotion of EE MUSIC launches and workshops all over Europe.

EE-MUSIC was warmly welcomed by the festival and club circuit as several music venues lack access to their consumption data and cannot afford the cost of an energy audit.  In many countries basic awareness on energy efficiency is still very much needed as, for example, some of the energy audits carried out by EE MUSIC showed that fridges, fans and other devices remained in use much more than necessary.

EE MUSIC collaborated with the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna which for the first time was a green event. The happening was certified by the Austrian ecolabel and by the City of Vienna's ÖkoEvent criteria and made it possible to save 440,000 litres of diesel and 2000 tonnes of CO2.

Watch the EE MUSIC video and see how energy efficient festivals and clubs have become a reality.  

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EE MUSIC:  European Energy Use Benchmarks for the Music Event Industry

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  • Andrea Vincenzi | Wed, 05/10/2016 - 14:44

    This is a very important project, as music professionals really do need to be taught and sensitised. That would be great to all the way up to ISO 20121 Certification. That would embrace also the social and economic issues of an event, and, through training, we would get better organizers and better events. Giving funds to start this path and spread the event sustainability culture would surely pay off. Did you consider dealing with ISO 20121?

  • Chiara Badiali | Mon, 10/10/2016 - 14:39
    ISO 20121

    Hi Andrea,

    within the framework of the EE MUSIC project we did speak to event professionals about ISO20121 as an option to be considered for sustainable event management.

    There are already some music festivals in Europe that are ISO 20121 certified, including Way Out West in Sweden. Others use the ISO20121 framework to inform their management processes, and self-certify (but do not undergo the full costs of an external certification).

    Ultimately, ISO 20121 is a very valuable tool for event organisers wanting to integrate sustainability (across environmental, social, and financial considerations) in the way they run their events - but it is one of many tools, which also include other possible certifications (such as the A Greener Festival Award, or Julie's Bicycle Creative Green) and different frameworks or tools will be appropriate for different types of event business.

    EE MUSIC provided the first step to event organisers in the music industry to understand the range of resources out there so they can begin planning their own policy, action plan, and approach.

    As a full disclaimer, I work for Julie's Bicycle - we both provide our own certification scheme as well as consultancy for event organisers wanting to achieve ISO 20121.

    I hope this helps answer your question - please feel free to get in touch if you would like any further information!

    Thanks and best,


  • jakob oram | Sun, 16/07/2017 - 14:42

    The AC Group fully embraces its environmental responsibilities and underpins this undertaking with the core principles of our corporate social responsibility, and, as respected caterers in London, we undertake to reduce its environmental impact through recycling, reducing, re-using and responsible purchasing.

    As part of the AC Group’s policy to always use the highest quality ingredients, we will only use produce that is responsibly farmed, from sustainable stocks and cruelty-free. All the eggs we use are free range, Lion brand meaning we can always rely on their quality, taste and ethical origin. We are proud to have signed the SUSTAIN pledge to guarantee our commitment to this practice. We use UTZ certified coffee on all event menus and continually review our practices to ensure we offer the very best ethical and sustainable options to our clients.

    We would be happy to provide further information about our CSR commitments; please do ask.

Andrea Vincenzi | Fri, 24/02/2017 - 10:22
Thanks Chiara for your reply.

Thanks Chiara for your reply. As you surely have guessed, I work for an accreditation body developing ISO 20121 scheme. What I experience right now in Italy is that most of the event organizers lack knowledge and sensitivity on sustainability bus most of all the majority of them lack the money to work on that. That's why I was talking about giving funds to ignite the process. I would like to learn more about EE Music and your activity, I tried to add you on LinkedIn, I hope you will accept.

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