More than 1 100 concepts for new LIFE projects

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More than 1 100 concepts for new LIFE projects

Applicants from 27 EU countries are requesting €2.2 billion in co-financing from the LIFE programme for new environmental projects. In total, the proposed projects look to invest more than €4 billion to protect our nature and environment.

The latest calls for “traditional” projects in LIFE’s environment sub-programme closed between 17-20 June 2019.

More than 1 100 proposals were submitted from almost the entire breadth of the EU. Some 54% of the submissions are for environment and resource efficiency projects, 31% for nature and biodiversity, and 15% for the area of environmental governance and information.

Increased interest in the LIFE programme

The proposed projects have a total cost of over €4 billion, broken down into:

  • environment and resource efficiency: €2.3 billion;
  • nature and biodiversity: €1.4 billion;
  • environmental governance and information: €369 million.

Applicants are looking for about €2.2 billion in contributions from the EU. That’s almost ten times the budget of €225 million that the European Commission has made available to successful projects. The request for support is up from €1.8 billion in 2018, and reflects the strong interest in the LIFE programme.

Next steps

The European Commission will now evaluate the concept notes and inform applicants of the results in October. Those whose concept notes have been pre-selected will then be able to work on their full project proposals. The deadline for applicants to submit their full proposals is February 2020.

Deadline breakdown per topic:

Environment and resource efficiency
Nature and biodiversity
Environmental governance and information

Calls for climate action projects still open

Applicants to LIFE’s climate action sub-programme must submit a full proposal for “traditional” projects by 12 September 2019. There is no pre-selection through concept notes.

See all open LIFE calls

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