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High-skilled workers are becoming more and more sought after on global labour markets, especially in the fast moving ICT sector. The current 13% shortage of high-skilled workers will translate into a shortage of 85 million people in 2020. Cross Border Talents has set itself the goal of selecting, training and placing about half a million highly skilled ICT professionals until 2020. And to do this they have an innovative methodology.

CB Talents' apply-train-work methodology analyses the rapidly changing needs of the digital labour market. Based on these trends the company organises training courses to boost the skills of capable but low-skilled workers into medium-to-high skilled code programmers. This requires quick reactivity to requalify workers in order to quickly respond to the needs of a volatile labour market.

In September 2015, the EU granted 50,000 euros to CBTalents via the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme. In May 2016 Ben Noteboom, a private investor advanced € 1 million in the company becoming a shareholder and an extremely valuable business adviser, thanks to his extensive knowledge about labour markets.

Ricardo Nobre, the founder and COO of CBTalents, thinks the SME Instrument grant has helped the company accelerate its business "For CBT the grant was very important as it greatly opened doors to attract new clients and engage cross border talents to be trained in ICT tailor-made courses financed by our customers who employ them at the end of the training. Ultimately this creates employment, retains investment and improves digital literacy in Europe – a win-win situation", explains Ricardo Nobre. "It has also been useful to participate to in global events like Lisbon Tech Week in order to share experiences with other SME´s and find new business opportunities."

Lear more about CBTalents Academy and watch a short video on the company. 


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