Meet the SME Instrument companies attending LAGOS 2017!

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After a competitive selection process, the SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs team is proud to introduce you to the 10 innovative SME Instrument companies that will attend the Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) 2017 from 3-12 November 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria.

As part of Horizon 2020's SME Instrument’s business support services, funded companies can participate in 15 international Trade Fairs organised in 11 countries outside the European Union as part of the Overseas Trade fairs Programme.

Last week, the group of innovative Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) joined the SME instrument- Overseas Trade fairs team (OTF) in Brussels for an intensive pre-departure briefing. During this one-day session, the participants were guided through the market opportunities in their respective sectors in Nigeria and the broader West-African region. The cultural differences to have in mind when doing business in Nigeria were also covered along with other pre-exhibition preparations for the next two months in view of a fruitful and successful experience at LITF.

For more information on the 10 companies attending LITF or a meeting request, please contact the SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs team at

Eager to do business with the most innovative European SMEs at LITF 2017?

Our innovation leaders are expecting to meet different types of business counterparts during LITF 2017. In particular:

  • PULVERIZADORES FEDE S.L.: is looking for large-scale farming machinery distributors, clients with large special crops extensions, public agencies interested in the farming mechanization.  They are also looking for partners who can help to sell the products to end customers through their business activity, farm holdings, training.
  • SOLARBOX: hopes to get in touch with public procurers for accessing the bids on current or future projects, as well as distributors and technically knowledgeable partners and end users of sustainable solar energy. Solarbox and Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de la Mancha are partnering up for LITF 2017.
  • GENERACIONES FOTOVOLTAICAS DE LA MANCHA S.L. (GFM): is looking for local companies who know perfectly electrical installation and maintenance to help with the installation and the maintenance of solar energy generators. GFM is also seeking local engineering companies to be able to try to win funds in Nigeria. Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de la Mancha and Solarbox are partnering up for LITF 2017.
  • FRANDSEN INDUSTRI: is reaching out to collaborators who have insights into the wind turbine industry. The company is also looking for partners with knowledge of the recycling industry as well as the cement industry.
  • IGNITIA: is looking for businesses that work along the agricultural supply chain, especially those that have direct linkages with small-scale farmers. Additionally, Ignitia is reaching out for businesses that are operating in the telecommunications sector.
  • INTEGRATED MICROSYSTEMS FOR QUALITY OF LIFE S.L.: is mainly looking for an active partner that could help to introduce the product in the region, that understands legal and normative requirements and that has already a network of customers in the food safety or food production sector.
  •  NORDIC 24/7 SERVICES:  is reaching out to wholesalers, distributors and subcontractors in EPS as well as in EPP factories. Nordic 24/7 services also hopes to get in touch with component assembly partners.        
  • STAB VIDA: is reaching out to good knowledge of the African market; good penetration into the medical sector and good penetration into the researcher community. Stab Vida is also looking for distributors, for sales force and help in logistics of samples offering them a commission of the total sales.
  • THEMARKETSTRUST RATINGS: is interested in Credit Risk valuation as well as in Credit bureau for SME's and private investors. TheMarketsTrust Ratings is reaching out to partner with Banks and with National Government institutions.
  • MMA-TECH: is hoping to meet investors, orthopaedic companies, private hospitals, doctors and health insurance companies from the African continent as a whole.

What is the SME Instrument Overseas Trade Fairs Programme?

The SME Instrument seeks to encourage the funded companies to follow their ambitious plans to scale-up on the global market. In the current economic environment, companies’ growth potential also depends on access to overseas markets which is why we want to collaborate in the internationalisation plans through the Overseas Trade Fairs Programme by: 

  • Organising the participation to one of a series of 15 international Trade Fairs in 11 countries outside the EU; 
  • Guiding through the preparation for these Trade Fairs and business meetings overseas;
  • Promoting the companies on the international scene and to target counterparts in identified markets.

The programme is open to all SME Instrument grantees in Phase 1 and Phase 2 even after their project is finished.

The Lagos International Trade Fair

The Lagos International Trade Fair is the premier International Trade Fair in Nigeria. Since 1981 Lagos Fair has grown tremendously in popularity to become the leading forum for Trade and Business promotion in Nigeria, and indeed West Africa.

Lagos is the gateway and commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. With over 150 million people, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa. This city is the hub of Nigeria’s business and economic activities as well as its main port of entry. In a nutshell, this trade fair is the best entry point into the Nigerian and West-African markets.

SME Instrument

OTF Programme

Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) 2017

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