Meet the SME Instrument companies attending CES 2018

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Because reaching international markets are a big part of SME Instrument funded companies' business plans, the SME Instrument business acceleration services aim to help them do just that! 15 innovative companies have been selected to come to attend CES 2018 with the SME Instrument Overseas Trade Fairs Programme from 9-12 January 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. 


For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. It is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. CES 2018 will showcase more than 3,900 exhibiting companies

The SME instrument companies attending are:

CARDLAB: Is looking for governmental officials to present their secure ID card solutions to. They are also looking for bank representatives to present their secure access and payment solutions as well as their “All in One” card solution. Lastly Cardlab would also like to meet company marketing people to show multiple card functionalities for increased branding value through powered card solutions.

CARGOLIST: Is hoping to get in touch with freight fleet operators (Air and road) to address specific needs that can be solved with one of their products. They are also on the lookout for autonomous vehicle operators to upgrade their software for this booming industry. Finally, Cargolist will also be happy to meet governmental agencies that address issues of policy and technology interactions.

CIMBERIO: will be looking for companies who want to retrofit their old buildings to dramatically improve their energy efficiency, without losing their functionality in the process. Cimberio is also reaching out to energy consultancy companies and regional governmental entities who can help them implement their product in the region.

EHTECH: is reaching out to 3 types of partners: First of all they are looking for DIY-stores who want to sell their product. Second, they are looking for water heater manufacturing companies who want to partner with them to develop a US-specific water heating with wastewater heat recovery device. Third, they are also searching for US start-ups or larger companies who already sell or are willing to sell energy saving systems or services on a pay-as-save basis.

ELAPHE: is looking for vehicle designers, developers and manufacturers that want to introduce this new sustainable mobility solution. They are also looking for media representatives to increase their US market recognition and build a strong brand presence. Finally, they are also interested in meeting end users and other stakeholders to perform further market research.

EYESYNTH: is mainly looking for partners or investors who can help them distribute their product or help them further develop their product. Companies that can help them with supply chain operations and logistics are also very welcome.

GREEN BLOCK: is looking for all companies who are interested in implementing their holistic approach for green buildings in residential, commercial and industrial modules. Green Block is also reaching out to governmental entities who need buildings that can be set up quickly such as emergency departments, military authorities and disaster departments

ICEYE: is interested in meeting organizations that have been working with satellite data before. Organizations who have not worked with satellite data before, but are interested in monitoring large areas frequently, are also very welcome.

NORDIC 24/7 SERVICES: is reaching out to wholesalers, distributors and subcontractors in EPS as well as in EPP factories. Nordic 24/7 services also hopes to get in touch with component assembly partners.

PHOTONICSENSis mainly looking for smartphone manufacturers who want to integrate their new 3D-camera into their smartphones. They are also keen on meeting media representatives to optimize product exposure and promote their brand name.

SEE.SENSE: is interested in meeting distributors and other large retailers. They are also looking for governmental bodies and companies interested in the data that their product can gather.

VARAANI: is seeking to meet business partners, distributors and resellers that would be launching Varaani’s service in their region, for either consumers or small businesses. Those could be for example: telecom operators, internet service providers, managed service providers, retailers, ict-resellers, value added distributors.

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES: is interested in meeting distributors with experience in selling innovative projects, novel technologies and solutions to large companies. They are also looking for business partners and collaborators with innovative systems that could be integrated in wearables and IoT devices. Finally, they are also looking for large corporations who want to add special connectivity or secure systems into their products.

WHEEL.ME: is reaching out to high-end manufacturers, who are US-based, within the smart home/smart building segment. They are also interested in meeting service and equipment providers within the facility management. In addition, is also looking for suppliers for their hardware and software development.

XESOL: is hoping to meet business partners that can supply them with the hardware they need. They are also looking to partner up with Tier 1 companies that are directly in touch with OEM’s and will be a positive sales force.

For more information on the EU Innovation leaders at CES or a meeting request, please contact the SME Instrument Overseas Trade Fairs helpdesk at

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