Meet the EU-SME Instrument delegation attending IEexpo 2017!

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After a thorough evaluation process, the SME Instrument team is proud to introduce 15 innovative companies that will participate to IEexpo 2017. The delegation has been selected as part of the SME Instrument Overseas Trade Fairs programme that helps SME Instrument companies internationalise their business by giving them a privileged access to global trade fairs.

Full list of participating companies 

Preparing the mission

Last week, representatives of these innovative EU SMEs joined the SME instrument- Overseas Trade fairs team (OTF) in Brussels for an intensive pre-departure briefing. During this one-day training, the participants were guided through the pre-exhibition preparations to carry out during the next two months in view of a fruitful successful experience at the Trade Fair.

The OTF team was also pleased to welcome market experts willing to share their knowledge on the Chinese market and its specificities, such as: 

  • The overall opportunities for EU SMEs at IEexpo;
  • Market entry strategies and cultural aspects to bear in mind;
  • Market opportunities in environmental technologies (water, waste, air and soil);
  • Key aspects in terms of IPR protection and the help they can receive form the EU IPR Helpdesk in China.

SME Instrument Innovators getting ready for IEexpo

For more information on the EU innovators at IEexpo or a meeting request, please contact the SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs team at

Eager to do business with the most innovative EU SMEs at IE Expo?

Our EU innovators are expecting to meet different types of business counterparts during the IEexpo 2017. In particular,

APRIA SYSTEMS, is looking for potential distributors, business partners, customers, as well as experts in commercialisation of water treatment technologies in the ASEAN markets.

AVA GREEN CHEMISTRY DEVELOPMENT GMBH, is looking for investors, distributors, business partners and customers interested in renewable energy technologies, environmental technologies, waste water treatment and phosphate recovery.

CORES LTD, is looking for end users and joint development partners for their new products, in particular component manufacturers of sensors/ocean science equipment, manufacturers of hydro-surveying boats, autonomous/unmanned surface vehicles and research bodies via joint cooperation project funded by research & innovation programs.

EOMAP GMBH & CO.KG, is looking for clients from three main groups: governmental water authorities (lake and river management authorities), water industries (especially dam and reservoir opera-tors), and larger integrator and consulting companies, which typically lead large development projects.

EUDITI, is looking for investors and small and big players to create co-operations for our product, including: funding organizations, local investors and stakeholders, which could be representatives from banks, ministries, NGO’s, humanitarian organisations as well as representatives from local renewable and water technologies market.

LAB SERVICE ANALYTICA LTD, is looking for public authorities in charge of air pollution regulation and national universities/research institutes in order to evaluate collaborations for validation and dissemination of our product, as well as local suppliers/distributors of analytical technologies and accredited laboratories for commercialisation partnerships.

LIKUID NANOTEK, is looking for potential customers, partnerships, collaborators and distributors in particular industrial partners involved in the filtration market that could promote significant sales of ceramic membranes and/or filtration solutions for the industrial wastewater treatment market or the oil & gas market.

LIPP GMBH, is looking for information on the Chinese water, waste-water and Biogas industry by getting an overview of relevant competitors and alternative tank systems, as well as potential clients or potential business partners.

NAFICI ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LTD, is looking for market knowledge and international trade experience, ranging from academic research collaborations to full-scale commercial projects and sales.

NEOZEO, is looking for biogas producers involved in either water, sewage treatment or waste management to establish business partnerships for distribution.

NVP ENERGY, is looking for prospective customers, developing a medium term pipeline of opportunities and gaining an insight into the drivers towards adopting our product in the Asia region.

OPTIQUA TECHNOLOGIES, is looking for potential customers for our products: including water utilities/municipalities, authorities (e.g. environmental protection authorities) and engineering companies who perform water quality monitoring, as well as cooperation partners to help us identify potential clients.

ROYAL EIJKELKAMP, is looking for local, national and international project partners, government, NGO's, knowledge institutes, private companies, interested in particular in land degradation, food security, pollution, urbanisation, land development and natural resources.

SVENSKA AEROGEL AB, is looking for long term relationship business partners who already are established on the Asian air and water treatment markets. Partners that have an active and strong sales and market organisation, operating in all or parts of the Asian markets.

SWEDISH HYDRO SOLUTIONS AB, is looking for counterparts interested in efficient and sustainable treatment of large volumes of water, in particular strategic partners for implementation of the technology, investors, companies for technology exchange, vendors and local suppliers of consumables and components, end users interested in effective water treatment and environmental consultants.

Please consult our catalogue for deeper insights on each of the companies’ offers and expectations. 

For a meeting request with any of our EU Innovators attending IEexpo, please contact the SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs team at

IE expo
IE expo is a 3 day event in the largest and most developed city of mainland China, Shanghai.
Under the umbrella of the 68 year quality guarantee of the parent show IFAT, IE expo is considered the leading environmental trade fair in Asia. In 2016, this exhibition brought more than 43 000 visitors for more than 1 303 exhibitors, and witnessed fruitful business meetings, defying the Chinese economic slowdown. In this vein, this trade fair is the best entry point and platform for professionals in the environmental industry seeking to do business in Asia.

Date & Time: Thursday 4 May 2017 until Saturday 6 May 2017


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