Maritime datahub launched

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Following the progress of the strategy and action plan for the Atlantic basin has never been easier. EASME launched the maritime datahub, an interactive tool that generates information on projects and companies funded by EU and Member states programmes. The maritime datahub focuses on projects that contribute to the implementation of the Atlantic Strategy.

The tool consists of 3 modules: an interactive map, a list of beneficiaries and projects and a statistic module. Users can search through filters such as budget allocated per country or per maritime sector, they can generate own statistics and export data in different formats such as picture, PDF document or csv file.

The datahub can also be easily embedded in any website.

Read guidelines how to embed, generate statistics, lists and how to use the map.

The maritime datahub pieces out 9 other datahubs generating information on EU funding programmes. For the moment, the application is available for:






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