Looking for fun ways for youngsters to learn about energy efficiency?

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Close to 10,000 pupils, students and teachers are achieving reductions in their energy consumption from 15% to 30% thanks to the Green Awareness in Action (GAIA) project where youngsters are using digital technology to drive behavioural change. 

Pupils and staff from schools in Sweden, Greece and Italy are leading the way, empowered in real life and online via the GAIA Challenge, an educational game to change the way their school buildings use energy. Participation is not limited to the trial sites, young people throughout Europe and the world can participate in international competitions through the community engagement and social networking GAIA #ScavengerHunt game.  

GAIA monitors and profiles energy use through the development and deployment of an ICT ecosystem of sensors, services and applications focusing on heating, electricity and other energy efficiency areas.  Other schools without monitoring infrastructure are using GAIA's Educational Lab Kit to participate in the challenge and reduce their energy consumption.

The project’s activities have triggered additional interest in energy efficiency and energy costs reductions by the Sapienza University of Rome, which installed more than 20 energy meters in their Campus, revealing the real impact of the energy wastage in the buildings. “Thanks to this, we designed our energy saving strategy, investing millions of euros in renewable energy, Building Energy Management Systems and other technologies” highlighted Dr. Sabrina Luccarini - Head of Sapienza Real Estate Department.

GAIA is enriching scientific knowledge and publicly available research data. It is also taking part in community engagement projects and promoting collaborative education cultures.

The project is also participates in science fairs and events including the Researcher's Night to engage young people in the quest of a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly worldJoin GAIA here on Twitter | FacebookYoutube

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