List of SME Instrument coaches published

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The SME Instrument is not only about funding innovation in small businesses – it also offers intensive coaching and mentoring to increase the chances of companies to survive on the market and grow. 

Coaching under the SME Instrument will develop organisational capabilities, leadership and management skills within the companies. This will help SMEs to cope with challenges such as developing their strategy and organisation, identifying market opportunities and attracting finance more efficiently. The SMEs can get 3 days of coaching under phase 1 and 12 days under phase 2.

Coaches are recruited through a call for expression of interest. Coaches are assigned to companies by the Key Account Managers in regional Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) points after a careful inventory of their needs.

The list of coaches that have worked for the SME Instrument beneficiaries is now available for the first time. Are you interested to apply as one? Have a look at the call for expression of interest and the rules of the game

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  • Cees A.M. den T... | Sat, 18/11/2017 - 11:26
    Listing of available coaches

    I am listed under number 93 with SPAR Supermarket Chain-Valkenswaard-NL

    Please repace this notification with " ORANGE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT business consultants - Amsterdam

  • Bosko Nektarijevic | Tue, 28/11/2017 - 03:26

    Could you possibly get me my usual position (00)7 ? Edward may perceive that asinjustice but he is not on the list !

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