LIFE news from 2018 – readers' favourites

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Calls for funding, info days and big ticket events were top of readers’ favourite news items for 2018. But some project news also attracted special attention.

Readers of LIFE news and subscribers to the newsletter in 2018 showed keen interest in announcements on LIFE funding, calls for proposals or offers to present at events.

But news from certain projects also drew particular interest from LIFE readers. Here’s a run-down of some of the top project news from 2018 on our website and social media channels.

LIFE Clean-Heat’s video on wood burning – with residential wood fires a significant source of harmful particulate matter and soot in Europe, this video showed why we should think twice when lighting our cosy living room fireplaces.

LIFE Iberlince and its survival plan to reinstall 40 000 wild rabbits in Spain –one of the region’s signature residents – to reduce threats to the foodchain, especially to dependant animals like the Iberian lynx.

Clean Sea Life’s alarm call in May about the millions of plastic discs washing ashore in south-west Italy, and its work to monitor, organise clean-ups and raise awareness of the scale of the plastic problem.

LIFE Brewery at the July International Beer Day showed how brewers can add to the circular economy by applying the by-products from making beer to food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feed production.

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