Kick-off meeting of four new Horizon 2020 projects - joint forces to foster the digital transformation of the water sector

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Digitalisation delivers innovative capabilities to solve several challenges related to resource efficiency, climate change and sustainable development. Particularly in the water sector, ICT can support more efficient means of managing and protecting water resources. 

This is what the four new projects are about: fostering the digital transformation of the water sector. The total funding they receive from Horizon 2020 climbs up to €20 mln and it comes from the Call “Digital solutions for water" published in 2018.

Following their participation in the ICT4Water cluster annual event, beneficiaries from Fiware4Water, DWC, SCOREwater and NAIADES met at the joint kick-off meeting organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on 12 June in Brussels. Around 45 participants from these four new projects gathered in a collaborative event to present their ideas and identify possible synergies. 

After project pitches, participants had the opportunity to listen to Juan José Hierro Sureda, CTO of the FIWARE, a foundation that provides open source platform components to accelerate the development of “Smart Solutions” already supporting the majority of the projects present at the meeting.

Participants then mapped their projects on a table-chart spanning along the “Water and ICT dimensions" to find possible complementarities and synergies. They teamed-up in four thematic groups: interoperability, sensors, data analytics/Artificial intelligence, and water resources/abstraction/drinking water treatments.

They idea behind the joint kick-off meeting is that working together from the beginning of the projects  not only gives an added value to each individual solution, but also creates additional common benefits for all involved beneficiaries and maximises the overall impact of the projects. The projects have now three to four years to deliver results in the fast-paced domain of water digitalisation and have agreed to work together aligning their outputs.

More about the projects

  • Fiware4Water: FIWARE for the Next Generation Internet Services for the WATER sector
  • DWC:  
  • SCOREwater: Smart City Observatories implement REsilient Water management
  • NAIADES: A holistic water ecosystem for digitisation of urban water sector

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