Hybrid bike sharing without fixed charging stations for a smoother ride

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Zehus hybrid bike

Meet the SME Instrument Innovators: Zehus

Hybrid bikes are slowly overtaking conventional motorcycles and mopeds in Europe – and they may soon be available in your city for sharing. The BITRIDE BIKE SHARING proposes a bike sharing system based on a fleet of hybrid bikes that don't need fixed charging stations. 

The hybrid bikes are available through an application that locates the nearest bikes through Bluetooth. The bikes are stripped of external batteries and wires making them light and easy to manoeuvre and have an innovative energy management system that allows you to ride them endlessly without needing to recharge. The hybrid bikes are also equipped with ad hoc padlocks for bicycle pickup and drop-off.

Zehus , the company behind the bikes, began as a spinoff of the Polytechnic University of Milano. The company revealed its first innovative hybrid bike in 2014. They were the first ones to engineer a light hybrid bike with the motor, sensors, electronics and batteries all contained in a tiny rear hub. They were also the first ones to connect their bikes to the cloud and design their bikes to charge batteries while riding – making it unnecessary to recharge them. The company received funding under the SME Instrument Phase 2 in 2016.

Learn more about Zehus and watch a video on their hybrid bike:


ZeHus Bike+ all in one

Video Description
Bike+ all in one is a the first product developed by ZEHUS (zehus.it) It features two breakthrough technologies: - It is an all in one powertrain for e-bikes, featuring all the components (motor, batteries, electronics, sensors) in a light rear hub (3.2 kg) - It features the patented bike+ technology, the very first NON PLUG-IN hybrid bike on the market
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