Horizon 2020 SME Instrument: 2833 new project proposals received in September

Horizon 2020 SME Instrument: 2833 new project proposals received in September

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On 17 September – the third cut-off date in 2015 for Horizon 2020 SME Instrument –  EASME received in total 2,833 new proposals – 1,873 for Phase 1 and 960 for Phase 2.

On the top of the list of topics ICT still gathers the greatest number of proposals with 702 proposals submitted for both phases, followed by nanotechnology (316), low carbon energy systems (310), and eco-innovation (280).

The top three countries in terms of number of applicants are Italy (449 for Phase 1 and 220 for Phase 2), Spain (292 for Phase 1 and 152 for Phase 2) and the United Kingdom (203 for Phase 1 and 109 for Phase 2). These figures are based on the nationality of the project coordinator, given that one project can include participants from several countries.

Since the beginning of this year a total of 8006 proposals have been submitted – 5471 for phase 1 and 2535 for phase 2.

Below are the complete statistics for the September cut-off. Please note that these are preliminary data that could evolve. Eligibility checks have not been performed yet.


/easme/en/files/sme-instrument-september-cut-offpng-0SME-Instrument September Cut-off number of proposals

/easme/en/files/sme-instrument-september-cut-country-phase-iipngSME-Instrument September Cut-Off per Country Phase II

/easme/en/files/sme-instrument-september-cut-countries-phase-ipngSME-Instrument September Cut-off Countries Phase I


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  • Juila's picture

    Is there an estimated date for the results?

  • storejo's picture

    Hi Julia,
    If there are no delays, the applicants should be informed through the Participant Portal around 20 October for Phase 1 and around 9 November for Phase 2.

  • Julia's picture

    Thank you very much for your answer, we are looking for the results.

  • Jeroen's picture

    Results were announced ready on Tuesday, but still no notifications??

  • storejo's picture

    Hi Jeroen,
    Yes the results are ready but they have not been sent. We are experiencing an IT problem and are doing everything we can to solve it. Apologies for the delay.

  • Michael's picture

    When can we expect the info about the results for the last call ?

  • storejo's picture

    Hi Michael,
    Apologies for the delay. We are experiencing IT problems and are doing everything we can to solve it. We don't know how long it's going to take.

  • Michael's picture

    How it can take to overcome this technical issue ?

  • Julia's picture

    How come you can not solve an IT problem in a week? Seems impossible. I think that you are stalling again, like in March. :( The sad thing is, that you are affecting the projects implementation by doing this, and cause some serious delays.

  • Phillip's picture

    Dear Johanna,
    when can we expect the results - at least approximately - in a day or two, in a week, two weeks, more??

  • storejo's picture

    Hi Philipp,
    The letters are in the process of being sent. We have an IT problem which is slowing everything down. You should receive the results any day now. Apologies for the delays.

  • Phillip's picture

    Hi Johanna,
    does "any day" mean that we can except the results today/tomorrow, or is it more likely that they arrive next week?

  • John's picture

    Hi Johanna,
    Yesterday morning several of my colleagues had already received their results, from different SMEi topics. Why the difference among applicants? Are you sending the results by topics?


  • John's picture

    Does anyone else received the results yet?

  • Michael's picture

    We are still waiting for two proposals - two different companies - no info so far...

  • Guilbert's picture

    It is bizarre that some people knows the results since last Friday and others still don't have any clue, it seems that we are applying to two completely different calls...

  • Mila's picture

    Are there any news about results of evaluation? When can we expect it?

  • juan's picture

    Any idea about the results of phase II? Thanks in advance.

  • faturma's picture

    Dear Juan,
    according the last update we got, the results should be send out at the end of November. Marie @EASME

  • Ned's picture

    Hi Marie,
    Sorry to bother you. Wondering if there had been any update?

    Many thanks

  • faturma's picture

    Dear Ned, the results should be published tomorrow - 25/11. Marie @EASME

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