Experts needed: Help select Horizon 2020 project proposals

Experts needed: Help select Horizon 2020 project proposals

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We are looking for experts to evaluate project proposals on climate action, environment, energy efficiency and innovation in small and medium-sized businesses.

Did you know that proposals applying for funding under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme are evaluated by independent experts?

We have asked some of them what it is like to be an evaluator and what is the benefit for them.

How to become an evaluator

We are continuously looking for experts to act as peer reviewers in the evaluation of project proposals in these areas:

Interested? Please register in the European Commission's database of independent experts

What is it like to be an evaluator?

"To be an evaluator for the Commission is to be part of the change"
– Stéphane Pouffary, Energies 2050, France

"I have a big responsibility being an evaluator. I'm doing my best to be as accurate, as objective, as professional as possible"
– Francesca Beolchini, Polytechnic University of Marche Region, Italy

"Coming from a small country it's very helpful to know where the frontiers of your area have evolved to"
– John Sweeney, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

"Intellectually very rewarding and challenging"
– Consulting Geologist, United Kingdom

"Fruitful discussions with other experts"
– Antonia Ekonomakou, Materials Scientist, Greece

"You can learn a lot from the evaluation process and from the proposals"
– Mario Aznar, Gatoblack Studio, Spain

"It helps a lot to see what's happening in Europe in terms of entrepreneurship, ideas, innovations"
– Cédric Baecher, Nomadéis Consulting & Research Services, France

More info

Call for experts on climate action, environment & resources management

European Commission database of independent experts for research and innovation



  • Lasse Leppanen's picture

    I have been either coordinator ot other role in sto SME everal EU, eurostar and other international projects . I have written several applications for funding, of which two have got funding (see www.ll-ecat,com , https://fi.linkednin.com/pub/lasse-leppanen4/b87/43. I am especially specialised to SME themes even I have made few studies in energy asnd

  • Lasse Leppanen's picture

    I am ready to be an evaluator in any theme, but mostly in SME subject or energy. see www.ll-ecat.com, https:// fi.linkednin.com/pub/lasse-leppanen/4/b87/43. Reply to my e-mail: lasse.leppanen@kotinet.com

  • chladag's picture

    Hello, please register via Participant Portal

    Best regards,

    Agnieszka @EASME

  • Davide Piccinin's picture

    I'm already evaluator in ICT photonics, moreover since 2010 I'm managing an SME on renewable energy systems, sustainable and efficient energy solutions. Happy to apply my new energetic and SME management expertises also for EU evaluations, if useful.

  • Davide Piccinin's picture

    I'm already evaluator in ICT photonics, moreover since 2010 I'm managing an SME on renewable energy systems, sustainable and efficient energy solutions. Happy to apply my new energetic and SME management expertises also for EU evaluations, if useful.

  • chladag's picture

    Hello, if you are already registered on the Participant Portal, there is no need to do anything else.

    Best regards,

    Agnieszka @ EASME

  • Bruno LEREDDE's picture

    I'm already registered on the Participant portal and on the business coach database, but I have never been asked for an expertise. I am still at your disposition

    Best regards

  • paola's picture

    I have been on the data base since 2015 and keep updating my profile on a regular basis. I have been past evaluator of national research projects and in Japan (as EU S&T fellow research) I have evaluated some complex urban regeneration programmes. I am now a validated Urbact expert in integrated sustainable development and have so far worked on the ground as public official and urban planner since 2002. I do not understand which are the criteria used to select assessors and all in all apparently the number of registered experts are enormous with presque nulle chance to get this interesting opportunity to be evaluator

  • kammeju's picture

    Dear Paola,

    We appreciate your interest and patience. We select evaluators based on a number of factors such as the specific expertise needed (depending on the call topic) including both scientific/technical and end-user experience, the type of action to be funded and the overall composition of the evaluation panel (geographical and gender balance). And while there might be many interested experts, we often face problems finding the right expertise for our specific calls for proposals.

    We invite you to have a look at the 2017 calls for proposals to see what thematic expertise will be need for the year 2016-2017. More specifically, we suggest to update your profile (about six months) ahead of the deadline of the topic you are interested in evaluating. Please make sure to put appropriate emphasis on the part of your expertise required for the topics (this can be highlighted through the open keywords, publications, major achievements etc.). The deadline for next round of evaluations is early March 2017.

    Best wishes,

    Juliane @ EASME

  • Valerio Contini's picture

    I am an experienced professional registered in the EC data base (ID EX2013D134925).
    I saw in the EASME web site that the Agency is looking for experts in the area of consumer engagement and behavioural change to evaluate project proposals.
    I have strong experience in the following fields: consumer decision making processes, behavioural change, critical purchase and sustainability, informal education. This expertise includes: academic research (universities and private research centres), lectures, articles and books publishing, promoting civic action (sustainable lifestyles and consume) by implementing public-private-civic partnerships.
    I have also a very strong and long experience in project assessment (EACEA, national agencies, etc).
    I would be very interested in assisting the Agency to evaluate and recommend proposals for funding under the H2020 Energy Efficency Call for Proposals, especially in the fields of sustainable behavioural change, consumers decision making processes, collective consumers groups and cultural heritage.
    In the EC data base I have highlighted the relevance of my profile for the assignment by adding some very specific key words. Is this sufficient for the Agency or should I select specific pre-defined area of expertise?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Kind regards.
    Valerio Contini