EU supports projects for cleaner air

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Smog in Sosnowiec

Air pollution is one of the most severe and complex environmental challenges impacting humans and ecosystems. The urban population, in particular, is still suffering from high levels of air pollution that are considered harmful for health according to European and World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. 

Citizens’ engagement and awareness-raising are crucial, as they are increasingly concerned about the air they breathe and claim their right for cleaner air.

EU-funded projects provide a better knowledge base and innovative, market-oriented solutions to tackle the air quality problem from different angles.

The LIFE programme has by now supported more than 200 projects directly targeting air quality. These projects focus on products, processes and services, as well as on information and awareness raising, addressing air quality-related issues in transport, energy, urban environment and industry. 

Horizon 2020 projects are actively engaging citizens by participating in measurement campaigns and by shaping local strategies for emission reduction. They also test innovative technologies and measures, and translate scientific knowledge into scenario tools, such as apps and games, for decision-making, awareness-raising and behavioural change.

At the occasion of EU Clean Air Forum, we are presenting you some of them:

  • LIFE Air and Agriculture – cutting ammonia and methane from the farming sector
  • PREPAIR – Po regions working together on air policies
  • LIFE - CLEAN HEAT – with a focus on reducing particulate matter caused by wood burning
  • LIFE AMMONIA TRAPPING – new technology to reduce ammonia emissions from manure in poultry and pig farms
  • AIRUSE - testing and developing air quality mitigation measures in Southern Europe.
  • iSCAPE - working on integrating and advancing the control of air quality and carbon emissions in European cities. They focus on the use of “Passive Control Systems” in urban spaces, on policy intervention and behavioural changes of citizens’ lifestyle.
  • CLAiR-City - involving thousands of people across Europe. They work directly with citizens and local authorities in six countries to decide the best local options for a future with clean air and lower carbon emissions.
  • ICARUS - developing integrated tools and strategies for urban impact assessment in support of air quality 

Photo © - CLAIR-City project - City of Sosnowiec

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