Energy efficiency projects at the International Conference on Smart Energy System

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In the framework of the International Conference on Smart Energy System, on 9 September, EASME is organising a technical workshop with the participation of 14 EU funded projects on the subject of Waste Heat & Cold utilisation.

The objective of the meeting is to share knowledge and facilitate dialogue between EU policymakers, and project beneficiaries. The meeting will facilitate the sharing of lessons and experiences on Waste Heat & Cold utilisation and help build a network of projects with similar objectives. 

14 Horizon 2020 energy efficiency projects will present their actions and discuss on project management issues, namely: 

The meeting will conclude with a policy session, where projects are invited to submit concrete policy recommendations. All the projects work towards achieving the objective of Art. 14 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), promoting the smart, efficient and sustainable heating and cooling systems. The results of the meeting will be relevant to practical implementation of the Directive in the Member States.

The Smart Energy System Conference is co-organised by Aalborg University, coordinator of 2 EU funded projects, Heat Roadmap Europe and Seenergies project. Several more EU funded projects will participate at the Conference and present scientific findings in the areas of Smart Energy Systems, 4G District Heating Systems, smart grids, electrification of transport, GIS for heat planning, renewable energy sources and waste heat utilisation.

The concept of Smart Energy System is essential for cost‐effective 100% renewable energy systems. It includes a focus on energy efficiency, end use savings and sector integration and it encompasses the entire energy system in its identification of suitable energy infrastructure designs and operation strategies.


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