Enantis helps heal wounds faster

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Meet the SME Instrument Innovators

Each of us gets injured at one time or another; and most of the little wounds are forgotten quickly. But the healing of serious injuries, such as burns might be a very different, painful and long-term story. However a new substance being developed by Czech company Enantis, could change all this. Its researchers adjusted a specific growth protein that can help skin repair itself much faster than normal.

The science behind this little miracle is called fibroblast growth factor, a protein which is essential to embryonic development, maintains tissue homeostasis, can slow down ageing of the organism and also offers a new way to grow cell cultures.

This research can play an important role in treating and healing serious wounds such as burns, diabetic foot ulcers, bone regrowth, certain cancers or other traumas.

The benefits of this protein are well documented; however, due to its natural instability, its use in biomedicine has been limited.  Naturally eliminated from the body within hours, if not minutes, the protein needs to be administered frequently during the course of treatment, leading to a higher risk of side effects and higher costs for the complete therapy..

The project under the SME Instrument programme focuses on two goals – to increase the stability of the protein and find the right medium such as bandage or a cream that could be applied directly to the injured area, to avoid having to administer the protein often.


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