Eco-friendly paper bottles

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Eco-friendly paper bottles

With society facing an ever-rising need to increase resource efficiency, this project has delivered an energy-efficient production line for paper bottles, providing a green alternative to laminated and plastic bottles.

Increasing recycling and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill is now a European Union requirement. As such solutions significantly reduce energy consumption by avoiding the production of new material, it makes environmental and economic sense.

Re-inventing paper packaging

This initiative has pioneered an innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective way of producing ´moulded` paper bottles from either recycled office waste and newsprint, or virgin paper fibre. These bottles offer a sustainable alternative to plastic and laminated packaging. After use, the paper bottle can be recycled with the waste paper fraction of the municipal waste, reducing the amount of packaging waste diverted to land-fill or waste incineration. The demonstration machine produced with Eco-innovation funding can produce 8 million paper bottles annually, and aims at the health and horticultural market.

Going global

It is expected that the same bottle could eventually also be used for the packaging of everyday liquid products sold in our supermarkets, opening up a potentially huge global market. Large international brands have already expressed interest as they wish to move to environmentally friendly packaging.

Project coordinator Tony Hardacre, of Sinfiltrate Ltd., said, "If quality of life is measured by cutting waste, CO2 and energy use plus the conservation of natural resources, this project ticks all the boxes."

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  • Martin Greaves | Fri, 19/01/2018 - 11:38
    Vitamin nottles

    Good morning,
    Can this technology be adapted to produce vitamin bottles?
    How can we get involved with this and help with it?
    Kind regards,
    Martin Greaves

  • kammeju | Mon, 22/01/2018 - 16:07
    Dear Martin,

    Dear Martin,

    The project coordinator will be able to answer your question. Contact details can be found in the project factsheet.

    Kind regards,

    Juliane @EASME

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