EASME managed projects to pitch their innovations at the Blue Invest in Malta

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The European Commission is bringing back its successful Blue Invest event. On 24 January innovators in the field of Blue Economy will meet the financial community at the match-making event in Malta. Innovative projects funded by EASME managed EIC SME Instrument and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund will participate in the pitching session.

Karmenu Vella,  EU Commissioner for Enviroment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will open the event with a keynote speach followed by panel discussions and inspirational talks - check the agenda here.


Pitching contest for innovators in front of a panel of top investors is one of the key points on the agenda. Twenty innovators will showcase their ideas in four thematic sessions:

  • Food from the Sea
  • Green Navigation
  • Blue Energy and Clean Waters
  • Green and Smart Coasts

Four EIC SME Instrument  projects and one project funded by the  European Maritime and Fisheries Fund  will pitch their innovation. In addition, EASME supported three pitchers, namely WSENSE, Nautic Spot and FLASC that received help fromthe European Enterprise Network.


EIC SME Insturment

Company Project Pitching session Project description
FUELSAVE Project: FS MARINE+: Hydrogen syngas injection unit for ships to save fuel and cut emissions Green Navigation FS MARINE+ is the world's first hydrogen-powered engine assistant unit for ships. The patented hydrogen generator produces a proprietary synthetic gas that is injected into a ship's engines to significantly improve combustion efficiency. FS MARINE+ has been proven to reduce net fuel consumption by at least 10%, cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by at least 10%, cut nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions by at least 50%, and save at least 33% on engine maintenance costs.
Nido Robotics Sibiu HCEV: an Intelligent Hybrid High Capacity Electric Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle Green Navigation The overall objective of Nido Robotics with this innovation project is to introduce Sibiu HCEV in the high capacity electrical vehicle segment of the mini-ROV market. The Sibiu HCEV is a disruptive underwater robot that will allow companies to harness cutting edge robotics technology in an easy to use format in order to reduce risk to personnel and operations.
Sea Harmony ORTO (Ocean Reff Tower Oases) Food from the Sea Sea Harmony has produced ORTO (Ocean Reef Tower Oases), an integrated aquaculture concept adding automated harvesting and scalable production to the company’s patented “Pisa Reef“, vertical mussel reef technology.
Seaplace A Compact Dynamic Positioning System of General Purpose for Marine Units, Crafts and Ships Blue Energy and Clean Waters Operation of floating units in the sea often requires the units to maintain position, as for instance in the rescue after a ship wreck or when assisting a wind farm. Due to the stochastic behaviour of the sea, Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems accurately automate this task reducing the risk of human error. Seaplace presents their own DP that Our comes with a smart green autopilot, which, by filtering waves, corrects accurately the drift course.


European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Company Project Pitching session Project description
WSENSE ArcheoSub Food from the Sea ARCHEOSUb (Autonomous underwater Robotic and sensing systems for Cultural Heritage discovery Conservation and in situ valorisation) is set to revolutionise the surveying, conservation, protection and valorisation of new and existing underwater cultural heritage sites by the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). In Malta, WSENSE will present their IoUT solutions to digitalize salmon aquaculture.


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