Don't miss the 4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference on 8 November 2017 in Glasgow

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Join us for the 4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (ASPC2017) to be held on 8 November 2017 in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The Atlantic Action Plan aims to revitalise the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic area. It demonstrates how the EU’s Atlantic Member States and their coastal regions can help create sustainable growth and drive forward the “blue economy” while preserving the environmental and ecological stability of the Atlantic Ocean. The Action Plan encourages the five Atlantic EU Member States, France, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland, to work together towards sustainable and inclusive growth in their coastal areas. 

The Atlantic Action Plan highlights the benefits of sharing information, costs, results and best practices as well as, promoting the generation of ideas for further areas of cooperation of maritime activity.

The European Commission set up the Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan, in August 2014, to provide guidance and proactive support for public and private organisations, research institutions and investors, to find funding sources and project partners across the Atlantic to implement the Action Plan. 

The Support Team invites stakeholders to an annually organised Atlantic Stakeholder Conference, bringing together all interested actors to share knowledge and facilitating networking and matchmaking activities.

The thematic focus of the 4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference will be on topics related to Priority 4 of the Atlantic Action Plan “Create a socially inclusive and sustainable model of regional development”. 



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