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If you are working on your proposal for funding for energy efficiency under the Horizon 2020 call, this article is for you! We collected and put together a number of steps and tips from EASME experts to help you focus on the most important elements. 

Number 1: Start now! The call opened on 5 March 2020, and the deadline is set for 10 September 2020. 

Number 2: Read all the relevant information, from the Work Programme, the annexes and the Participants Portal to make sure you have clear what is expected from you.

Number 3: Choose your idea, structure it well and stick to it. Define the main elements of your proposal and make sure you have a clear: 

  • Project objective
  • Understanding of your starting point and the research/market current situation
  • Target group
  • Set of partners
  • Path to make a difference and have an impact 

Number 4: Build a good consortium, keeping in mind to be consistent and adaptable: remain relevant to your objective, but don’t hesitate to exclude a country if you don’t find the right partner. The choice of partners is particularly relevant: make sure they have diverse skills and competences and involve them in the preparation, in order to avoid surprises after the submission. 

Number 5: Create a budget and define it bottom-up: define the tasks first, then estimate efforts needed and check regularly its consistency while advancing on with your Work Plan. 

Number 6: Write your proposal and choose the best methodology to deliver impact. Plan your working steps, design a communication and dissemination strategy keeping in mind your purpose. In case of any doubts, refer to the guidance in the application forms and proposal template. 

Number 7: Don’t forget about final polishing. Check that your proposal is complete and consistent with your description of activities and budget, and ask for critical external reading and for an English check. 

You can find further information on the current call here

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