Deep renovation using prefabricated components: a first for Norway

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Norway has achieved its first ever deep renovation using prefabricated components built offsite, thanks to support from H2020 4RinEU project.

A two-storey building in Oslo containing eight apartments has been renovated to achieve 60% savings in its energy consumption, as part of the 4RinEU project. This is the first of three pilot case studies which are demonstrating an innovative approach using industrial prefabrication to speed up the renovation process. The Oslo apartment building, owned by city housing corporation Boligbygg, was retrofitted while the tenants remained in their homes. 

As part of the renovation, solar photovoltaic panels were installed to provide renewable electricity that can be sold back to the grid, and the project is developing a novel “data handler” mobile app for energy audits, which will connect with a cloud database that makes available both calculated and measured energy consumption data. 

4RinEU is planning two further demonstrations of deep renovation in Spain and the Netherlands, where further innovations will be installed including a smart “energy hub” controller for renewable heating, cooling and hot water. The project is developing these components in parallel with new design methods and business models that will reduce the construction time and associated risks. Together, these will demonstrate how innovation can help accelerate the renovation of Europe’s building stock, helping to achieve climate and energy targets.

4RinEU will be part of the exhibition organised in the context of the EU Industry Days 2019 that will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 5 and 6 February. 

Watch the video: Reliable models for Deep Renovation.

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