Clean Energy Summit and Mission Innovation in China: your chance to contribute to the clean energy revolution!

Clean Energy Summit and Mission Innovation in China: your chance to contribute to the clean energy revolution!

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The European Union is sending a delegation to Mission Innovation 2 and the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in Beijing, China on 6-8 June 2017 and is looking for clean energy projects to exhibit at the summit's Technology Exhibition.

The 4,300-square-meter technology exhibition will cover six key sectors: renewable energy, energy-efficient technologies and facilities, energy storage technologies and facilities, digital energy and smart grid, electric vehicles and related technologies, and finance and business model innovation. The exhibition is featuring companies from around the world demonstrating breakthrough clean energy technologies, products and business models, and startups working to drive change in the clean energy sector and the worldwide economy in the years and decades to come.

Please note that this initiative is not organised directly by the European Commission so we cannot cover any participation costs. You can apply by filling the form below. The conference and exhibition organisers in China will then select the most ground-breaking proposals. The deadline is very soon: 11/03/17. If you do apply please let us know (easme-communication@ec.europa.eu) so that we can include you in our delegation and support you through communication and partnering. Before applying also make sure that your project can be feasibly presented in China and that all IPR considerations are cleared. 

For more information visit the event websites:

CEM8/MI-2 will also feature a new Innovation Theatre event to showcase potentially game-changing clean energy innovations and inspirations from China and around the world. Modeled after “TED Talks,” the Innovation Theatre will feature innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs presenting breakthrough products and emerging clean energy topics in front of clean energy professionals, financiers, and global and Chinese media. You are also invited to apply to speak at the Innovation Theatre.

Best of luck and we hope to hear from you soon!


Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting is the annual meeting of energy ministers from the 24 member countries and the European Union that aims to leverage high-level political will and private sector leadership to drive ambitious, real-world clean energy policies and actions.

The CEM is currently the only regular meeting of energy ministers where clean energy is exclusively discussed. Ministers and other high-level delegates come together to assess progress and guide work under the concrete and transformative clean energy initiatives.

Mission Innovation is a global initiative of 22 countries and the EU to dramatically accelerate global energy innovation. The members of MI have committed seek to double their governments clean energy research and innovation investments over five years, while encouraging greater levels of private sector investment in transformative clean technologies. The initiative was launched at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP 21).

While the CEM will focus on scaling the deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions that are available today, MI will focus on scaling R&D for the new technologies of the future. Together, CEM and MI afford the world’s leading nations a robust platform for accelerating clean energy innovation and facilitating its uptake by a global market. 

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