Building renovation makes it possible to save energy up to 50%

Building renovation makes it possible to save energy up to 50%

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Total Concept project has been working in major reduction of energy use in non-residential buildings. One of their biggest achievements so far is the complete renovation of a building in Norway that will allow significant energy savings. It is expected that the energy bill will be cut by half.  

What is Total Concept?

Total Concept, a project funded under European Commission's Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme, works to demonstrate that large scale energy performance improvements in existing non-residential buildings can be profitable for building owners or investors. Total Concept method aims to make energy efficiency renovation attractive for investors and serve as a market driver for major refurbishment of existing buildings towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.

After assessing the state of the building, Total Concept proposes a package of measures for energy saving. The implementation of Total Concept method works in three steps: gathering of data to identify concrete measures to be applied, carrying out the refurbishments and measuring energy consumption after the renovation.

Lennart Lifvenhjelm, Energy Expert at Vasakronan, Sweden, explains: "It has been clearly profitable to work with Total Concept. We reduced energy consumption from 287 to 124 kWh per m2 per year and got an internal rate of return on 15%. We use the experiences from this case in a major rebuilding project, Klara C, in Stockholm, where the goal is 55 kWh per m2 per year and LEED Platinum certification. He continues: 'Total Concept is the right tool to use because of the holistic approach including construction, installation and economic rationales."

Renovation accomplished in Norway

The Public Road Administration (NPRA) office in Steinkjer (Norway) has re-opened after renovation and its energy bill is expected to be cut by half. By using the Total Concept method, the level of ambition of this renovation was raised to reach near passive house level.

The renovation included deep retrofitting of façade, roof, windows and doors, lighting, ventilation and ground source heat pump, for both increased comfort and reduced energy use. The expected energy savings is about 50 %: from 194 kWh/m2 to 97 kWh/m2. The results will be tested and monitored over the coming months.


How to persuade a property owner that investing into ambitious energy renovation pays off?

Total Concept has found a convincing answer: analysing the building and composing a tailor-made package of energy renovation measures that taken as a whole fulfils the profitability expectations of the investor. Having made its proof in Sweden in over 200 renovations with the highest energy savings up to 70%, EU funding spreads the concept now to other Northern European countries, such as Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Norway.

"With the Total Concept method, we got a totally new tool with which we could show our client, Statsbygg, that it is cost-efficient going from an ordinary renovation to set the goals for the passive house standard," states Mads Mysen from SINTEF (Norway), one of the project's partners.

Nikolaj Haaning, from another partner (Ramboll  - Denmark) , ascertains that "the Total Concept has shown to be a good complement to offer our clients besides ordinary Energy Performance Contracting".

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