Highlights from EIC Corporate Days

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot stimulates strong collaboration between the innovative companies it funds and large corporates, investors, technology giants and industrial leaders to spur new partnerships and help small companies scale-up their business. Read our 2018 Highlights from Corporate Days to get a grasp of what the programme offers.  

The EIC Business Acceleration Services have organised dozens of events and opportunities since 2017 to allow EIC-funded companies to boost their network and meet relevant investors and business partners. In 2018, there were 15 matchmaking events with big corporates: AirbusABBIberdrolaBMWProcter&GambleRocheEnelVinciSolvayElectroluxSuezSonaeFerrovialMedtronic and Veolia.

Subsequently to the first 6 events only, 38 companies are now exploring business opportunities with the corporates. This translates into a success rate of over 20%, considering the number of companies in attendance. Bridging the gap between SMEs and large companies can prove to be a vital strategy for business acceleration and growth.

Read the Highlights from Corporate Days below to have an idea of what Corporate Days are and can bring you.

"Large corporates have scale, but are often limited when it comes to developing new ideas that challenge existing business models. The EIC is a unique opportunity for small and large European companies to collaborate and leverage the diversification of Europe in order to win in the digital era and develop new sustainable business models and opportunities for the benefits of all citizens" says Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of Siemens. 

Interested in participating? In 2019 new events with leading European and global players are sure to unlock opportunities for companies across Europe. For additional information on how to apply, please refer to our helpdesk:contact@phase3-services.eu

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