Applying for a Blue Book Traineeship? Choose EASME!

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You’re looking to step up your career opportunities by doing a traineeship in the European Commission? You’ve written your application, you’ve drafted your motivation and you’re ready to gain valuable work experience from an international environment and party with hundreds of stagiaires from all over Europe?

Great! Now comes the crucial choice of where to do your traineeship and finding your way in the maze of EU administration can be confusing. By choosing EASME as your first pick, you’re guaranteed to get hands-on experience and responsibilities about actions that have a concrete impact on the ground.  A great add-on to your experience whether you want to take it to your home country or stay in Brussels. 

Many applicants don’t know that by selecting the 3 priority locations in the application, they are giving those DGs/agencies the preferential right to select them for a traineeship. Choosing EASME as your top priority, will flag your profile to us and give us the chance to pick you! Here are 3 reasons why you should come and work with us.

EASME trainees do real work

EASME or the EU’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized enterprises manages EU projects carried out in Member States in diverse areas that support research, innovation, energy efficiency and environmental protection. EASME manages the external evaluations and the implementation of projects that apply for EU-funding under the programmes Horizon 2020, LIFE, EMFF or COSME. This entails many contacts with project beneficiaries on the ground. We have thousands of projects and billions in EU-funding to manage so our trainees get a real go at gaining actual work experience!

In operational units, you can contribute to managing the evaluation and implementation of projects. Operational units are a great spot to see how EU funding is spent and to be in direct contact with beneficiaries and directly see the policies' results and funding impact.

 “Being a trainee at EASME gave me the unique opportunity to work in a dynamic and intercultural working environment, in which I learnt a lot about the execution of EU funding programmes like Horizon 2020.”

Marie-Kristin, Horizon 2020 SME, Project Management

 “I have been involved in the grant agreement phase, assessing and commenting submitted deliverables of ongoing projects, and taking part in project closing seminars. It has provided me with hands-on understanding on EU grant management cycle and its tools and thus I have seen in a very concrete manner how EU money is put to productive use.”

Jouni, COSME, Entrepreneurship & Clusters          

“Within EASME I got to experience how EU projects that benefit SMEs and promote objectives such as entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable tourism and interregional cooperation, are managed. Here, you are in direct contact with inspiring entrepreneurs and you see first-hand how the EU benefits its citizens.”

Julia, COSME, Competitiveness & Internationalisation 

Although EASME´s mission is to manage EU-funded projects, you can also do a traineeship outside a project team. Horizontal teams also welcome trainees in finance, HR and communication.  

“This traineeship was not just a traineeship for me – it brought a new perspective to my career, in the sense that I discovered a new career path, found a work that I like and learned many things about it. In the future, I will certainly follow up on this experience and benefit from it as much as possible!”

Blanka, HR, Learning and Development   

“My traineeship in Communication allowed me to learn more about the different aspects such as internal campaigns, opinion surveys and event organisation. Moreover, I also had the chance to see the project side of EASME by writing articles on their results. The diversity of tasks enabled me to broaden my professional horizons.”

Ivana, Communication

If you’re interested in management practices you can try your luck in the director's office. Our management is keen to make EASME a modern and inclusive workplace and runs many bottom-up initiatives that involve the staff. 

“My main duties are supporting the preparation of an Action Plan on client satisfaction and follows up on the Working Group Client Satisfaction. I have been also assisting the Director in preparing the future mandate of the Agency. The traineeship has deepened my knowledge of the European Commission’s work, in particular how EASME manages on Commission’s behalf several EU programmes.”

Michaela, Director's Office, Strategy and Coordination           

EASME is a friendly and supportive work place

EASME has the great reputation of being a professional and pleasant working environment. According to our HR recruitment team, the most frequent motivation to work for EASME is the friendly working culture.

“EASME’s most valuable characteristic in my experience however is the atmosphere, which is laidback, informal and overall genuinely pleasant.”

Julia, COSME, Competitiveness & Internationalisation

“Since the first day, I felt being warmly welcomed. The whole team supported me not just during my first days but I could come and ask whatever whenever I needed. EASME culture is very open and supportive, like a family.”

Ivana, Communication

We try to keep on our stagiaires

The good thing is that your career in EASME doesn’t have to end with your traineeship. Many of our stagiaires either stay with us for a bit longer after their traineeship ends or are offered an opportunity to come back as soon as a vacancy appears.

“I applied for a traineeship in EASME because I was especially interested in its actions in the fields of environment, energy and climate change. Given my background, I had the chance to work in the communication sector, learning and growing in a dynamic and stimulating team. After my traineeship I stayed for longer in my team which gave me extra work experience from Brussels. If you are looking for an enriching, hands-on experience, EASME is the place for you!”

Ester, Communication, trainee in 2018, now external consultant

This is us, now we’re looking forward to meeting you! Increase your chances of joining our team and pick EASME as your top priority in the application.

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