EASME news

  • 21/02/2019

    2822 small businesses seek funding under the SME Instrument

    The European Commission received 2822 proposals for the SME Instrument Phase 1 before the latest cut-off date on 13 February 2019. SMEs from 39 countries submitted proposals. Stay tuned – results will come out in late March 2019.
  • 21/02/2019

    LIFE in UK and Finland twinning to restore peatland

    Peatland and other wetlands are a critical natural resource which lock up twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests. They provide habitat for many valuable species and act as natural buffers for flooding. Restoration and long-term conservation requires shared best practices and careful monitoring.
  • 20/02/2019

    EIC pilot and Nasdaq host Investor Day for deep tech companies

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and Nasdaq are hosting a pitching event for Deep Tech companies in Stockholm, Sweden on 6-7 March. The event is exclusively organised for EIC pilot- funded companies who get the opportunity to pitch their business to top-tier European investors, meet with like-minded entrepreneurs and explore new finance opportunities. 
  • 18/02/2019

    Zwipe starts trading on Oslo Stock Exchange

    Norwegian start-up Zwipe is revolutionising biometric authentification around the world with the world's first battery-less biometric payment card that carries biometric data directly on the card, secured by fingerprint sensors. The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot-funded  company is the first mover and technology leader in their field and has just started trading its shares on Oslo Stock Exchange’s Merkur Market under the ticker symbol ZWIPE-ME. 
  • 18/02/2019

    Bringing new life to old mines

    Mining provides the EU with crucial raw materials, but its effects on landscapes and ecosystems are drastic. A LIFE project in the Valencia region is testing new techniques to restore inactive mines and allow biodiversity to return.
  • 15/02/2019

    EU invests € 116.1 million to improve the quality of life of Europeans

    New LIFE programme funding will unlock more than € 3.2 billion of additional support to 12 large-scale environmental and climate projects in ten Member States to support Europe's transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.The European Commission today announced an investment of € 116.1 million for the latest integrated projects to be funded under the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action. The funding will support projects in Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia.Read the full press release
  • 15/02/2019

    New habitat for Europe’s rarest song bird

    Classified as having a ‘vulnerable’ conservation status, the aquatic warbler is Europe’s rarest migratory songbird. LIFE in Lithuania is working to improve the warbler’s status by rebuilding habitat and achieving an innovative translocation method from another viable population.
  • 14/02/2019

    The EIC pilot and Evonik envision new approaches to health care and personal care.

    A selected group of EIC pilot pioneers was selected to present their innovations to Evonik managers in Essen, Germany. The matchmaking event focused on new technologies and solutions for the health care and personal care industries.
  • 14/02/2019

    Nanoparticles against heavy metals in contaminated groundwater

    Clean water is one of the top key challenges of the 21st century. Groundwater is one of mankind’s major freshwater reservoirs, but global ground water resources are strongly impacted by anthropogenic contaminations. This imposes a serious threat to the sustainable use of groundwater and its ecosystems services.
  • 13/02/2019

    Making Portuguese roads safer for vulnerable wildlife

    Roadkill is a tragic, seemingly inevitable part of driving. Roads are almost impassable barriers for many animals, and especially problematic during active mating seasons. The LIFE LINES project in the Alentejo region of Portugal is reshaping roadsides to protect wildlife at risk.