57 new projects to support Energy Efficiency research, innovation and market uptake

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Nearly 280 project proposals were submitted last September for 16 different topics under the H2020 Energy Efficiency Call. Among them, 57 projects will receive over €112m of funding to support the clean energy transition in Europe. 

These projects will further facilitate Europe’s low carbon energy transition by helping to upgrade buildings’ energy performance, supporting industry and businesses to become more energy efficient, enhancing the role of consumers to change the market and developing smart energy services, channelling further private finance into energy efficiency investments and supporting public authorities and policy makers in driving the energy transition. 

Currently, EASME is preparing the grant agreements with the aim to kick-off projects from April 2020 onwards. 

Once the projects are contracted, over 500 project partners will work across 38 countries to deliver the European Green Deal’s objectives to decarbonise our energy system.   


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