5 H2020EE projects showcase new tools that facilitate waste heat and cold recovery

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Heating and cooling account for a large share of energy demand in Europe and they are mainly covered by fossil fuels, while low carbon energy sources like waste heat and cold recovery and renewable energy sources remain marginal.

The ultimate aim is to foster EU’s decarbonisation while reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. To achieve this, several projects are developing technologies and software tools to facilitate waste heat and cold recovery, as well as the integration of cooling and heating demand with renewable energy sources.

Five H2020 Energy Efficiency projects, namely EMB3Rs, SO WHAT, INCUBIS, R-ACES and S-PARCS, organised an online webinar on Waste heat recovery and energy cooperation in European industries.

The aim of the webinar was to explore different solutions to enhance a smart and sustainable energy use in industrial contexts, find synergies between different projects, and to raise awareness among stakeholders on the new tools under development.

The webinar took place Wednesday 18 November 2020 and it was recorded here

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