21 companies paving the way in construction and mobility

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EIC pilot and Ferrovial Corporate Day

On 27 and 28 November, 21 companies funded by the SME Instrument strand of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot presented their ideas and business models to Ferrovial at the Impact Hub Gobernador in Madrid, Spain.

The EIC pilot and Ferrovial partnered for a business acceleration event directed at companies working on sustainable approaches to urban mobility, user experience (airports and toll roads), energy efficiency and new technologies for the construction sectorAfter a tough selection process, 21 companies funded by the EIC pilot were selected to present their projects to an audience of Ferrovial representatives and key partners and engage in one-to-one meetings with relevant corporate stakeholders.

Ferrovial’s innovation strategy works on an open innovation model, based on cooperation with external partners who are capable of complementing company needs and capacities, with the aim of accelerating the deployment of new solutions and processes to the market. This is also one of the main objectives behind the Corporate Days promoted by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services

At the event, we talked to Ciro Boria, Head of Open Innovation Ecosystem at Ferrovial, and learned what Ferrovial expects to gain from working with external partners: “At Ferrovial’s Open Innovation department we believe that by working with startups and SMEs, we become more agile because these companies are more agile. But also, by collaborating with them, we are able to test new business models and new technologies that would be hard to test within the company.” 

We also talked to Manuel Martinez, Open Innovation Manager at Ferrovial, and he had some advice for SMEs that are looking to work with large corporates: “First, try to understand how the corporate needs fit into the business model or the technology you’re trying to promote. The best way to go about it is to have a proof of concept on how your product or service can address a specific challenge within the corporate.” 

Learn more about the companies: ActisaAerial InsightsAlerionBerdBioCurveCassantecDatapoleFutecGeonumericsIn SensusInnerspecIntergrasysInvepatKdpofNorhardQ-BotSensiaShotlTerracomVerasat and Wearable Technologies.

See all the pictures from the event in the EIC Community, a virtual meeting-place where companies funded by the EIC pilot can connect, share their experiences, find investors and leverage potential businesses partnerships.

If you’re looking for opportunities to connect with large corporates, check our events page. For additional information, please refer to our helpdesk: contact@phase3-services.eu.

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