Integrated Bulgarian Maritime Surveillance

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Project abstract

The current information exchange between maritime surveillance authorities in Bulgaria is suboptimal and leads to efficiency losses, duplication of data collection efforts and unnecessary operational costs.

The main causes are real or perceived legal limitations, as well as technical and cultural barriers, which are preventing the desired information exchange.

The present project aims at conducting preparatory studies in order to identify the needs and requirements for the improvement of cross-sectoral information exchange for maritime surveillance within and between EU Member States.

The specific project objectives are to:                                 

  • identify needs in operational centres and in surveillance assets for further cross-sectoral information exchange at national level;
  • define new information services, based on the CISE Data and Service model, which would be set up and provided to other sectors at national level and possibly exchanged with other Member States;
  • identify requirements and obstacles of CISE integration and to facilitate the integration of data available in different ICT systems in a single user interface.
Project duration
01/01/2017 31/12/2018
Project acronym
Call ID
EASME/EMFF/2015/ - ICT interoperability improvements in Member States to enhance information sharing for maritime surveillance
Executive Agency Maritime Administration, Bulgaria
Chief Directorate Border Police (CDBP) — Bulgaria
National Customs Agency (NCA) — Bulgaria
Bulgarian NAVY — Bulgaria
Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co) — Bulgaria
National Agency for fisheries and aquaculture (NAFA)— Bulgaria
EU contribution
191.056,00 EUR