Industry, Products and Services

Industry, Products and Services

The Industry, products and services sub-area is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of products, production processes and technologies in support of the competitiveness of EU industry and services, taking into account the EU's energy and climate objectives.


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In the area of industry, energy efficiency investments can lead to important productivity and operational benefits, which can represent up to 2.5 times (250%) the value of energy savings. This is why funding in this area aims at addressing:

  • design of manufacturing processes, energy recovery, energy audits and energy management systems,
  • re-use of industrial waste,
  • optimisation of the value chain and industrial symbiosis.

Development and market uptake of innovative highly efficient energy-related products, systems and services will also be part of the scope.

Energy Efficiency: a business opportunity for SMEs

During the EU Sustainable Energy Week in June 2016, we hosted a session presenting successful projects and funding opportunities for SMEs wanting to become more energy efficient. If you missed it, you can watch the recordings here.  If you are planning to apply for funding and you need some inspiration, take a look at these Intelligent Energy Europe funded projects in this area:

-Support and Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance with STEEP project

-The Save Energy in Textile SMEs project SET

-Energy Performance Contracting plus with EPC+ project


Horizon 2020 projects

Call Number of projects Projects
EE-18-2014 (SPIRE) 1 TASIO
EE-16-2015 (CSA) 4 EE-METAL, WaterWatt, Scoope, EnergyWater
EE-18-2015 (SPIRE) 3 Indus3Es, I-ThERM, SUSPIRE
EE-17-2016 (SPIRE)    


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