Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Information Day: main takeaways

Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day  took place on Tuesday 22 January 2019 at Charlemagne building, in Brussels. Topics of the 2019 call were presented in a series of workshops organised by EASME throughout the day. The aim of the Info Day is to present funding opportunities under the 2019 call for proposals and to attract new applicants and potential beneficiaries. Were you not able to attend? No problem, check the recordings and the presentations below. 



Opening session 

Cities, Regions, Energy Powerty & Socioeconomics

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Industry

Consumer Collective Action & Smart Energy Services

Mobilising Investment: Technical Assistance & Home Renovation Services

Finance for Energy Efficiency

Smarter Buildings & Energy Performance Assessment

How to prepare an excellent proposal

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