Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

Calls for proposals

Date of publication Title and reference Deadline for submitting proposal

Sustainable Blue Economy Call

Strand 1 – DEMO PROJECTS – 28/02/2018
Strand 3 – BLUE NETWORKS IN THE MED - 28/02/2018


16/10/2017 Environmental monitoring of wave and tidal devices CLOSED
17/03/2017 Implementation of the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for the EU maritime domain: Ensuring interoperability of National IT Systems to allow for more efficient information exchange within and across borders CLOSED
12/12/2016 Maritime Spatial Planning - MSP CLOSED
29/11/2016 Nautical routes for Europe CLOSED
31/03/2016 Blue Technology: transfer of innovative solutions to sea basin economies CLOSED
29/02/2016 Blue Labs: innovative solutions for maritime challenges CLOSED
29/02/2016 Blue Careers in Europe  CLOSED
14/01/2016 Projects on Maritime Spatial Planning CLOSED
22/12/2015 ICT interoperability improvements in Member States to enhance information sharing for maritime surveillance CLOSED

Thematic Routes on Underwater Cultural Heritage

03/09/2015 Projects in the context of the Integrated Maritime Policy in the Black Sea and/or Mediterranean Sea regions   CLOSED


Calls for tenders

EMFF calls for tender implemented by the EASME are managed via the European Commission's online tool TED/eTendering. However, we also advertise these calls for tender on this page.

Please note that additional information on open calls for tender is published directly in eTenderer only, so it is worth consulting the page periodically if you are planning to tender. The EASME accepts no responsibility for the consequence of tenderers failing to take account of addenda/corrigenda published in TED/eTendering.


Date of publication in the Official Journal Title and reference Deadline for submitting tenders
05/09/2017 Marine Biotechnology Forum Closed (28/10/2017)
26/07/2017 The identification of measures to protect by-catch species in mixed-fisheries management plans Closed (26/09/2017)
15/07/2017 Areas of particular environmental interest in the Atlantic Closed (15/09/2017)
31/05/2017 Study on ownership and exclusive rights of fisheries' means of production

Closed (03/07/2017)

18/05/2017 Herring in divisions 6.a, 7.b and 7.c: scientific assessment of the identity of the southern and northern stocks through genetic and morphometric analysis Closed (28/06/2017)
18/05/2017 Secretariat for EMODnet and European ocean observing system

Closed (19/06/2017)

06/05/2017 Spatially structured decision support tool for mixed fisheries

Closed (19/06/2017)

06/05/2017 Monitoring small-scale fisheries 09/08/2017
12/04/2017 Study on engine power verification by Member States

Closed (31/05/2017)

19/04/2017 Facility for blue growth in the Black Sea Closed (02/06/2017)
15/04/2017 Validating age determination of anglerfish and hake Closed (19/05/2017)
09/02/2017 Interinstitutional service framework contract for maritime security and surveillance expertise Closed (06/04/2017)
31/12/2016 Interinstitutional service framework contract for better Regulation-related activities Closed (15/03/2017)
17/12/2016 Validating age determination of anglerfish and hake Closed (28/02/2017)
04/11/2016 Framework contract for the provision of scientific advice for the Mediterranean and the Black Seas. Closed (21/12/2016)
07/10/2016 International oceans governance — scientific support Closed (17/11/2016)
24/08/2016 Study on ownership and exclusive rights of fisheries means of production Closed (29/09/2016)
15/06/2016 European marine observation and data network (EMODnet): Secretariat support Closed (29/07/2016)
25/05/2016 Operation, development and maintenance of a European marine observation and data network Closed (11/08/2016)
24/05/2016 Framework contract for the provision of scientific advice for fisheries beyond EU waters Closed (29/06/2016)
04/05/2016 High resolution seabed mapping Closed (02/08/2016)
22/12/2015 Study on the economic benefits of Marine Protected Areas Closed (14/03/2016)
28/07/2015 Support to the development of a maritime strategy in the Western Mediterranean Sub-Sea Basin Closed (07/09/2015)
24/07/2015 Assistance mechanism for the Atlantic action plan Closed (11/09/2015)
03/07/2015 Study on mitigation measures to minimise seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheries Closed (25/08/2015)
15/06/2015 Ingestion and safe-keeping of marine data Closed (11/09/2015)
28/05/2015 Tagging study to determine mortality sources on cod in the Irish Sea Closed (07/07/2015)


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