Financial guidance and reporting

Financial guidance and reporting

Most common errors identified in IEE projects

Please take a look at the presentation of the most common errors identified in IEE projects – it could save you a lot of money.

Financial guidelines for Intelligent Energy Europe II (2007-2013)

Financial statements => what, when & how?


Financial statements are used for the declaration of the costs incurred under your IEE project. These costs must have been incurred within the project duration (cfr Art. 1.2 of the GA) and following the structure of the estimated budget (cfr Annex II of the GA).


Financial statements should be submitted, via the coordinator, to the EASME, as follows (cfr
Art. I.5 & I.6 of the GA):

  • with the interim technical report, within 30 calendar days of the end of the reporting period;
  • with the final technical report at the latest 60 calendar days after the end date of the action.


By using the template below. We need to receive each time 1 original signed paper version in English + 1 paper copy.

Financial statements ready? Last check for their admissibility

Consolidated financial statement

The consolidated financial statement has to be filled in, signed and submitted, by the coordinator of the project, together with the final report only (no need at the interim stage).

It should include all budget shifts/transfers between co-beneficiaries up to a maximum of 20%.

Audit certificates

An audit certificate on the actions’ accounts is required, at the time of the final report, from each private organisation participating in the action whose total EU contribution exceeds EUR 225,000, or EUR 325,000 only for call 2013 (please refer to Article I.5.3 of the grant agreement).

It shall be provided by an independent external auditor, chosen by the participant. The external auditor shall issue the audit certificate for the attention of the participant and not for the attention of the EASME and/or the European Commission.

With a view to avoiding delays in the submission of external audit certificates, participants should select and contract the external auditor well before the final financial statement is due.

  • Audit Certificate template (including Terms of reference, model auditor's Report of Factual Findings, and detailed description including the procedures to be performed by the auditor)
  • Guidelines (including as an annex the letter of representation from the beneficiary to the auditor)


Each beneficiary has the obligation to keep timesheets to enable the justification of personnel costs incurred and claimed, along with all other justifications for costs. Only hours worked on the project can be considered as eligible costs under the Grant Agreement. Timesheets are filled in on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and must show the total productive hours, meaning the hours worked on the project and the hours related to other activities.

Herewith, a model, that can be used. If you use your own template, please make sure that it contains at least the same level of details as in our model.